Of course,Passerby players can only take a look around,Want a deeper experience,You need to pay to activate***,***Graded,The higher the level,The experience obtained is more detailed, more realistic and more realistic,Arriveds***+++level,With full body immersion access cabin,You can even get the same experience as reality。

Materials brought back by Yang Pingfan from the Jin Dynasty,The built-up overhead story is also one of them,But the response was not strong,In fact, all serious types are not very popular,The most popular is the mango-colored story area,And the more open the better,The erotic areas similar to the Roman Empire’s erotic history and Shang Zhou’s wine pond meat forest are the most attractive,after all,Sex,Is the eternal need of mankind。
First345chapter Cyber Future
After Yang Pingfan returned from the Jin Dynasty,There are fewer and fewer things to deal with,Because withXRapid company expansion,Security work also requires higher professional capabilities,He basically doesn’t need to come out to solve dirty work,Business naturally transferred to professionals,It is said thatXThe company’s security has been completely taken over by the military,Yang Pingfan is happy and free,Resigned from the post of minister,Liu Yuan knows Yang Pingfan’s mind,Don’t keep,Let him participate in Li Suifeng’s research project,Give him a very lucrative salary every month,Yang Pingfan accompanies his wife to tease the monkey every day,Occasionally go to the laboratory for a walk,But also happy。
When Li Suifeng crossed the group to perform the task,Superficial use of some extraordinary means,Solved the side effects of super crops,He has been in the biological experiment center for a long time,His most recent topic is traceability,Look for the point where the animals and plants parted ways。
Yang Pingfan looks in front of a fully enclosed glass cabinet,Inside is a weird plant“plant”,It’s a plant,Because it grows in the culture medium,Emerald Green,Dotted with black dots,The slender roots stretch out。
Why weird,Because of its end,Turned out to be slender claws,Roots are absorbing culture fluid,The slender claws keep tearing the shreds from the hook,Send it to an organ like a pitcher plant in the middle of the stem,It can secrete strong acid to digest the shredded meat。
Li Suifeng stood beside Yang Pingfan,Look with him,“It’s amazing,This is a by-product of my research,A product of a traceability process,Plants and animals don’t meet at the beginning,Through traceability,I found that they have merged several times in the history of evolution,This thing is one of the intersections。”
Yang Pingfan flicked the glass cabinet lightly,That plant“plant”No response,After listening to Li Suifeng’s question,Casually:“Looks pretty disgusting。”
“Yes,It has no vision,No hearing,Relying entirely on molecular sensors to sense prey,Very sensitive to bloody smell。Oh, right,Can be traced to here,Thanks to your genes。”
Yang Pingfan jumped up,“I rub,What did you do with my genes?Don’t tell me this stuff is my child,I will be welcome。”
Li Suifeng stepped back fearfully,“rest assured,Certainly not,Your genes can be completely unlocked,It is the best material for traceability plan,This is a gene fragment hidden in all human genes,this thing,Existed in the history of life on earth,Although it doesn’t look like,But the function is definitely not much different,So count,We are its children。”
“God talks,”Yang Pingfan got goose bumps,“What’s the point of your research?”
“Ha ha,I don’t know when you learned genetic engineering in high school,Has the brain made up the whole body green,Skin with chloroplast,Genetically modified cows that can produce milk only in the sun?”
Yang Pingfan:……
The two are chatting,Yang Pingfan’s personal terminal sounds a reminder,It was Liu Yuan’s call:“ordinary,Do you have time to come to me?”
“sure,Where are you now,I drove over。”