First259chapter rescue
And our goal,Also very simple,this world,It is destined to be an era when a small number of elites dominate the majority of ordinary people,But now it’s their own way,Even let some boring liars climb to the top through rhetoric,This is not in the interest of mankind,Only let humans continue to waste resources and time in internal consumption——”
Sam is right,Liu Yuan has a feeling of nausea,The heart said it’s not in your interest, right?,But his face is calm,Endure nausea:“Sam,North America is known as the beacon,What you said is quite incorrect。”
Sam sipped:“It’s not right,Liu,You should know,This is just a kind of publicity,Understand everything。Liu,Trust me,join us,You will get unexpected resources and benefits。”
Sam said,Press the holographic projector on your hand,Familiar profile pictures appeared in the air,Although,But Liu Yuan still saw a lot of people who enjoyed fame in various world-class fields。
“I know yourXthe company,The promotion of quantum communication terminals and the Internet of Brains has encountered great resistance,These resistance against you,Even an unsolvable obstacle for your country,But for us it’s as simple as removing a rock on the road,Just join us,I promise you that,The organization will do all its resources to help you clear the obstacles,Instead of being restricted everywhere like now,XThe company leading the trend of new technology is by no means a dream。”
Liu Yuan doesn’t doubt that Sam’s words are false,He knew there was a shadow behind Europe and America,It’s just that he didn’t expect that he would be targeted so quickly,And use the power of Maple Leaf Country,Detain yourself even if you cause a diplomatic dispute,Can get him out of the police station,It shows how powerful this shadow is。
Sam not sent,Liu Yuan followed his words:“Mr. Sam,I think there is no free lunch in the world,Equal rights and responsibilities,So many resources,Can’t let me take it for nothing?”
“Yes,”Sam knocked his cigar on the table,“The internal resources of the Skeleton Knights are shared,You need resources from other knights,Other knights also need your resources,to be exact,YesXCompany resources,By the time,Grand Knight Medal, Academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Ivy Professor Emeritus,Even you want to win a Nobel Prize in the history of your homeland,Not a problem。”
Liu Yuan sighed in his heart,The fox tail finally appeared,“that is,I join you,ContributeXCompany’s technical information,And get a medal from you?”
A trace of joking flashed in Sam’s eyes,“Liu,I said it before,You can also get unprecedented resources,Not as simple as honor,Goldman Sachs Group will giveXCompany capital injection,LetXThe company has sufficient funds for development……Get help from the Skeleton Knights,I assure you that being the richest man in Asia in ten years is definitely not a dream。”
“thenXThe company becomes your holding cash cow?wait untilXThe company’s technology was searched and digested,Then just like those joint ventures in Minguo history,Placed in the corner,Become moldy garbage?”
“Liu,This is a win-win situation,I hope you understand what the Knights mean,Not everyone is honored to join the Knights,I can tell you something,so far,Only Dongying people in Asia are eligible to join,Those oil tyrants are not qualified,You are the first Ming national to be invited,You should be proud。”
Liu Yuan’s yin and yang tone made Sam impatient,Tone becomes blunt。
Liu Yuan smiled,Leaning comfortably on the sofa,“Dongying?Dongying people can join you,Of course i understand,In front of Citigroup,The whole Dongying is almost transparent——Dongying’s police agency,From the very beginning, a special department directly subordinate to Citigroup was set up,Holding the handles of countless Japanese dignitaries,Do whatever you want;The Kyoto government and the Diet,There are yellow hearts and white hearts who love Citigroup more than Dongying‘Banana man’;Any prime minister who is not liked by Citigroup shouldn’t even try to sit still,Even if it’s a big brother and father like Tanaka Kakuei!Even the Maritime and Air Self-Defense Forces have to be under the command of the Citigroup in the East……
Although the oil tyrants are under your control,But somehow they still have faith blessings,I want to destroy your civilization in my bones,What will you do,Of course he won’t pull such people in。”
Liu Yuan’s tone was full of mockery,Sam’s face became extremely ugly,“liu,Can I understand your speech just now as a kind of rejection?”