Although the emperor Lei wants to bring disaster to the east,Or honestly contacted Lu Baihua in advance,Informing the creatures of the demon realm that they are about to head to the continent of Zaili。

After learning the news,Lu Baihua furious,Angrily scolded:“Lei Tianzi,You deceived too much,See me cut you down in the future,Revenge today。”
Even if it’s regenerating,Lu Baihua also had to work hard to deal with the fact that the creatures of the demon territory are about to attack。
Three deserted ships swept over the continent of Zaili at a speed of 1.2 million kilometers per hour.,The lowest flying height is level with the treetops,And there is the precise calculation of Thunder King Super Brain,Don’t be afraid of hitting obstacles at high speeds。
Wait seven hours for the deserted ship to leave,Lu Baihua’s army fought fiercely with the creatures of the demon territory,Lei Tianzi commanded the deserted ship to moor over the continent of Zaili,Closely observe changes in the battlefield situation。
The total number of the two armies is approaching 200 billion,This is the first battle with the largest number of human beings and monsters,The two sides fought very tragically,The creatures in the demon territory are led by the nose by the emperor Lei,Flying for three months in a row,I’ve been holding my stomach long ago,Although the power consumption has not been fully replenished,Seeing that the cultivators of the human race still attacked with all their strength without leaving hands。
Emperor Lei slowly drew out the command knife,Seeing Lu Baihua’s troops just shaken,Before the official defeat,He shouted in a low voice:“attack,Fully attack the tail of the creatures in the demon territory,Give me a dumpling tactic。”
The sergeants of the Thunder Sky team who had been prepared for a long time immediately killed them like a flood of flood discharge.,Emperor Lei handed over the command to Zhai Jun,He himself offered to pick the galaxy,Take the lead and rush to the forefront。
Team Thunder has rehearsed and is familiar with the battle procedures,They brandished their weapons fanatically,In fact, the real threat is the light grenade gun,After a round of shooting tens of thousands of miles away,There are about 3 billion creatures in the demon territory falling down,Suddenly opened a large opening about two million kilometers wide in the rear defense.,The sergeants of the Thunder Team continue to attack from this big hole,The sound of killing shook all the clouds in the sky。
Lu Baihua didn’t have a good impression of Emperor Lei,Seeing Team Thunder Killing,Observe carefully for a while,To his wife Gaelan:“look,Team Thunder is not without combat effectiveness,But always teasing the monsters,Emperor Lei is really cunning。”
Galan, whose cultivation base is in the realm of immortal gods, is very dissatisfied with her husband’s words and deeds,Rebuked:“I told you already,Team Thunder asks for help,We should agree to help,At that time, Emperor Lei definitely wanted to arrange the battlefield on the mainland of Cuijue,Now in order to get rid of the burden, the creatures of the demon realm have been attracted to the continent of Zaili,Let us rush to the front line,You are a typical shot yourself in the foot。”
“what did you say?Stinky lady,Dare to say something and try,See if I can beat you?”Lu Baihua became angry from embarrassment,Really did it with Galan,Gailan slapped him in front of everyone,The five fingers of the husband are printed on the wife’s face,Blood stains appeared under every finger,It can be seen that Lu Baihua started hard,Didn’t care about the relationship between husband and wife。
Galan is not weak,Hurriedly greeted his own crew and evacuated the battlefield first,Gelan took away more than 20 billion people,The rest is Lu Baihua’s Immortal Cultivator in Yanyu Pavilion。
Galan’s withdrawal is a taboo in war,People who know the truth will say that this is because a couple quarreled and fell apart.,I don’t know, I thought Human Race was defeated。
Lu Baihua saw that Gai Lan did so unrelentingly,Can’t help but scream up to the sky:“The strong man of my human race would rather die than surrender,Rush with me。”After speaking,Lu Baihua took the lead to rush towards the army of creatures in the demon territory,And die with the creatures in the demon territory,It is said that Lu Baihua killed tens of thousands of creatures in the demon realm before he died,I won’t fall down when I die,Still facing the direction of the creatures in the demon territory,Eyes wide open,Bloodstained,Can be regarded as an upright man,Die well,But he is short-sighted,No overall strategic considerations,Watching his life is just a Titan,Not suitable for the position of commander in chief。
Galan is certainly because of her husband’s incomprehension,But the radical behavior of withdrawing troops in the battle still painted a disgraceful sentence on her history.,So that Gelan’s character has never been very tall。
Lei Tianzi, who was on the other end of the battlefield, didn’t know what happened on Lu Baihua’s side.,He still led the sergeant to fight,Soon the creatures of the demon realm were divided into hundreds of small teams fighting each other,The besieged Leitian sergeant shot and killed,The number of casualties of monsters in the monster land is rising,Soon collapsed,It’s too late for them to want to escape after seeing the bad situation,All around are sergeants of Thunder Team wearing uniforms and armor。
The battle lasted for a week,Team Lei Tian and Lu Baihua’s Immortal Cultivator in the Misty Rain Pavilion have jointly wiped out more than 100 billion creatures in the demon territory,And it’s a victory,It is the first major victory of the human race and the creatures of the monster domain in the secret realm,Although Yanyu Pavilion suffered heavy casualties,More than 30 billion immortal cultivators are left with just over 600 million,But the banner of Yanyu Pavilion did not fall down,This time’s victory is due to Yanyuge。
Galan, who was so angry that he left, did not go too far.,Watching the battlefield from the starry sky of Zaili continent,This time fighting,The cultivators in the Glacier Valley of the Touchuan Star Region have a lot of injuries,Originally, there were only more than 19 billion left in the army of more than 20 billion,Save most of the strength。