On the other hand, the Changshengmen team is more chaotic,It often happens that the officer cannot find the soldier,The soldier left the team(qíng),Some Jangshengmen were assassinated by their own people after changing the armor style。

The battle became more and more weird,Some disciples of longevity saw(shēn)All sides are fighters from Thunder Team,I thought I was killed,Not clear(qíng)Kuang knelt down and surrendered,Such people counted out more than 2.8 billion afterwards。
On the fifth day,The leader of the longevity gate realized that his side was unable to recover,Order a retreat,Only then discovered,There are less than 7 million disciples of the longevity disciples following the headquarters,The rest are sergeants of Thunder Team。
After Lei Tianzi got the news,,Categorically ordered:“Chase,Chase me all。”
Chasing millions of people with an army of billions is not easy(qíng)?Lei Tianzi led his team to chase on the front line,Along the way, tens of thousands of fascinating powerhouses and some sages were killed,It’s like harvesting straw,Human life,It seems to be the battle right now。
To the end,Even the supreme commander of the Changshengmen was defeated by Lei Tianzi(qíng)Kill,After killing that person’s consciousness, he read a little bit of memory before he knew that this person was the commander-in-chief,It’s a pity that the small sword of God’s Sense is too sharp,Start too fast,Tianzi Lei just realized that this person is still useful,The Little Sword of God’s Sense has already retracted triumphantly,Also swallowed this person’s consciousness,Unfinished。
Because Lei Tianzi is chasing all the way too fast,Even the star ships transporting the disciples of the longevity have not had time to fly away,All taken down。
This battle,Team Thunder defeated the Changshengmen。
The gathering and annihilation of the seven billion army, without missing the net, makes every cultivator stunned。
So far,The combat power of Thunder Sky makes every major force in the starry sky of the Shenzhen and Guangxi Star Territory have to face it.,No one dare to look down upon。
The Thunder Team killed more than 400 million people,Killed about 1.2 billion immortal cultivators from the longevity gate,Captured more than 5 billion,While the results are brilliant,The price paid is also very tragic,This battle can achieve such good results,It’s all Dong Chan’er’s well-trained results,The wife Dong Chan’er contributed a lot。
One of the chief officials of the Thunder Team was killed,This is the highest level leader in the death of Thunder Team,afterwards,Lei Tianzi held a grand funeral for the dead official,And every sergeant of the Thunder Team who died,All enjoy the coffin made of the immortal tree,Even thousands of years,corpse(shēn)Won’t rot,The sergeant who died in battle was placed in a huge temple in Dongtianfudi,Lei Tianzi declared that these dead have become gods,Is the god of Thunder Team,I will bless every sergeant of Thunder Sky in the future。
What embarrassed Lei Tianzi,The chief governor who died in battle issued a last word before he died,Entrust his whole family to Lei Tianzi to take care of,Especially the wife of good Hui Shuliang,Be a concubine。
This is the government official who is worried that his wife will suffer from another marriage,Tianzi Lei didn’t know the weight of the government’s last words,After checking it out, I was shocked,It turns out that this adult has thousands of concubines,There are tens of thousands of children and grandchildren,The youngest grandson is the fifth generation,Which is commonly known as“Great grandson”。
Lei Tianzi lamented:“It seems that in the family’s cause,I’m not as good as one of the officials,Have to work hard。”
Dong Chan’er heard this,Secretly kicked,The Emperor Lei must pay attention to the last words of the man who died in the battle,After discussing with the adult’s widow,And consultations with important figures in the family,Emperor Lei took this family as his family,That is to change the surname Lei。
According to the habit of the cultivating world,Level to a strong like Lei Tianzi,Lei’s surname is worth more than half of the family,At least richer and more promising than the surname Han。
The strong giving a surname is a kind of luck(shēn)symbol of,Not an insult,But lucky。
Even as a collateral in Lei’s family、Branch,It’s also a very glorious thing(qíng),Just like Xiaolan,Renamed Leilan,Still married to Emperor Lei,One step to the sky。
As for Xu Na, the widow of the governor,Emperor Lei didn’t accept him as a concubine,But married and be a regular wife,Be regarded as respect for the dead,Lei Tianzi has a large number of regular wives,This is also a weird thing,I can’t do this for other immortal cultivators,Because there are so many regular wives,It means that there will be too many Lei family members in the future,More fierce competition for property,Unless you have the ability to settle the offspring that continue to multiply,Like a dead man,There are tens of thousands of descendants,Still not beaten up?