Based on experience,Lei Tianzi quickly picked five precious star stones,After paying the money, ask the shop assistant to solve the formation。

Jin Ling saw Lei Tianzi had picked five star stones,A little worried that I will lose,Shouted immediately:“You foul,We only bet on one star stone。”
“I only take out one piece to bet with you。”Lei Tianzi pointed to one of the five star stones and said。
Jin Lingzong(shēn)Fly over to observe the star stone chosen by Lei Tianzi,I slapped the star stone with my palm,Listen to echo,After watching for a long time, he said:“This star stone can,Sure to have a baby。”
It’s the opposite of what I said,Jin Lingzhen didn’t see that there was a treasure in the star stone selected by Emperor Lei,Sneer at the level of Lei Tianzi’s gambling,Very disdainful。
Jinling gambling is completely dependent on Mongolia,He also picked out five star stones,Then pick out a star stone that you think has a treasure and bet against Lei Tianzi。
Lei Tianzi used to stay in the comet cluster for almost half a year,Study those star stones with Hongna every day,He has a unique vision for choosing Xingshi,Very high level,Hong Na’s eyes helped,I caught a lot of treasures in the stars。
The cultivator is relatively simple,One punch will untie the whole hill of star stones。
There is a turtle in the star stone selected by Lei Tianzi,After being solved,The tortoise put a(pì),Onlookers couldn’t help but hurriedly cover their noses,Obviously put on this turtle(pì)Disgusted,Unexpectedly, the whole shop is full of fragrance of incense,The air becomes agile。
Lei Tianzi was surprised,Then rejoice,Said:“This is ten tortoises,Rare。”
Ten Fragrant Turtles are a kind of creatures from heaven and earth,Inhumane fireworks,Eat the energy of fairy crystals,The breath released helps practice,The ancient cultivator put a ten-xiang tortoise in retreat,Double the result with half the effort,The conditions for the birth of each ten tortoise are very harsh。
Measure by money,Ten Fragrant Turtles can be sold for about trillions of fairy crystals,The level of preciousness is comparable to top-grade artifacts。
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Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Nine Gambling
Lei Tianzi observed Shixiang Turtle for a while,Said with joy:“It’s still a ten-scented turtle,In the future,Can be transformed into human form。”
Jin Ling’s eyes fired,There is nothing in his star stone,I lost the first bet,To Lei Tianzi:“I bought you ten tortoises,Give you 10 billion more fairy crystals。”
“Not for sale。”Tianzi Lei simply refused,Send the ten-xiang tortoise into the magic artifact space。
Jin Ling watched Lei Tianzi put away the ten tortoises,Very annoyed,Said:“Let’s bet another game。”