This is like the order of national leaders,The order of serving and not serving is different。Even if the working age is young,If the non-employment qualifications are old,Also have to rank the incumbents first,When you read your name, you should also read the incumbent first。

But after entering the lobby,Wu Da’s sophistication is more fully manifested。
He found Zhao Dabao first,After seeing respectful eyes,Walk quickly to the main table,First birthday to old man Chen Youfu。
After saying the blessing,After Wu Da declined the proposal of Mr. Chen’s invitation,A few steps to the third table。
Wu Da’s face is very dignified at this time,Resolutely serious,Like seeing the monarch,Ninety-degree gift bowed:
“Wu Da,Meet Mr. Zhao!”
Two sentences,Nine words,Every word sounds loud,Word square,Clearly spread throughout the banquet hall。
All,Even the young Chen clan,You can also hear the respect and fanaticism contained in these nine words,This is all about seeing my love with all my heart、A monarch。
Look dignified、Solemn
Wu Da,Zhao Dabao is very happy,As one of his direct descendants,He is still very satisfied。
Especially since I haven’t seen it for many days,Zhao Dabao misses this guy very much。
Don’t think too much,What this guy misses is,When I act alone,It’s very lacking in supporting roles,Especially the perfect cooperation that I once had,I really miss it!
“Haha”Smile,Zhao Dabao is very happy:
“Old Wu,Come come,Meet Mrs. Zhao first。”
Talking,This guy motioned to the big star Toria sitting next to him。
It’s just that when Zhao Dabao said this,In its voice,How do you hear it, how do you think it contains a kind of show off。