Leave the shop,Lei Tianzi rented a house in the city,The rules on the upper bound are similar to other places,That is basically safe in the city,Any cultivator who has grievances cannot solve it in the city,This is the rule handed down from the elders of the cultivating world,Countless years ago,One of the rules laid down by the strong seniors,therefore,Most of the wars between the cultivators take place in the stars,Otherwise it will be treated as“Evil war”。

Anyway, the grievances between the cultivators can’t be explained clearly,belong“The public says the public is reasonable”That kind of scissor is within the scope,Everyone doesn’t say much,Who wins and loses has his own judgment,Anyway, as long as both parties follow the rules,The winner is king。
After having a house,Only Lei Tianzi can enter the magic weapon space,For the time being, no one in the city will be so frenzied to attack a resident.,Unless Lei Tianzi did something intolerable,So that not killing him is not enough to calm the raging anger in my heart,Then he broke into the house protected by the city lord and killed Lei Tianzi。
Even in the city, protected by the lord,Lei Tianzi still carefully sprinkled Overlord Ash on the outside of the magic weapon space and disguised it.,Then cast the spell into the magic space。
The one million servants bought were men and women no more than thirteen years old,The mess is in the artifact space,gather together,They know some rules,Knowing that I entered the space of the new owner,Did not rebel immediately,Did not disrupt,But all kinds of fluctuations come together,It shows that these people communicate very frequently in secret,Mostly guess the character and temper of the new owner,And the most important thing is what their future destiny will be。
Lei Tianzi greeted as soon as he appeared:“Don’t stand stupidly everyone,There may have been close contacts among you before,I know the temper of everyone around me,How about this,You choose people you can trust,Stand here,Can represent the wishes of your small group,A small organization without a small collective,The one who belongs to the individual represents the individual will stand on this side,I have to get to know you?If no one is willing to cooperate with me,Then sell it to a raw shop,Let people who travel north and south freely choose you。”
I heard Lei Tianzi say that,Whether they like it or not,Have temporarily obeyed the instructions,There are tens of thousands of people elected,In other words,There are at least tens of thousands of small groups in this batch,This is the prototype of the basic team,Free combination,Every leader has cultivated prestige in his own small group,Can hold a group of people。
In addition, there are thousands of special characters,Volunteer to stand up to form another landscape,These people are either background,Unwilling to accept the leadership of others,Either it’s too bad and no small organization is willing to accept,Doing things is always a hindrance,Too bad-minded,Always cheating,What these people pursue is“A dead friend is not dead”Principles of life,So long,No one wants to accept。
Lei Tianzi quietly opened the jade slip given to him by the man from the Shengpu,I found that the buddies specially formulated the raw finches standing among the independent group of people,She is the news that Emperor Lei spent 100,000 Xianjing to buy,It is also a special existence among these million people。
This raw bird is tall,Still covered,Even so, it can’t conceal the graceful and charming attitude,The people around you should keep at least three meters away from her,It looks a little dazzling on occasions with many people。
Lei Tianzi’s eyes moved away from that raw bird,Call these people to sit down in the hall not far away,The space in this hall is very large,Can seat about 100,000 people,The floor of the hall is composed of tens of thousands of tons of polished and smooth rocks.,The dome is blue,A faint faint sunlight cast in,There is a pot of spirit flower decoration every 100 meters,The huge hall is full of flowers,beautiful landscape、Fresh air,More than a hundred paper servants stood at the door,The lineup is very neat,These puppets are responsible for cleaning the dust in the hall,Waiting for the growth of Linghua,No combat power,People can just ignore it。
The newly bought servant sat on the ground as requested by Lei Tianzi,That very special bird was arranged by Lei Tianzi to sit down beside him,The distance between each other’s body temperature,Lei Tianzi noticed,The raw finches were a little resistant at first,Then relax the body,Accept Lei Tianzi’s arrangement,Just among tens of thousands,This treatment is a bit eye-catching。
Watching everyone sit down,Only then did Emperor Lei say:“I know your fate was different before,Because of different reasons,Forced to come together,Then came here,What i want to tell you is,it’s here,Your destiny will be changed,I hope you will become a big man in the future,Become a highly anticipated hero,Not the specimen nailed to the pillar of shame。”