Check in,boarding,Everything is just right。

After getting in the car,My mood started to fall。
Although I have repeatedly rehearsed in my heart the scene of seeing them sleeping in the same bed,but,When facing,I still feel uncomfortable。
eleven o ‘clock,Arrive on time。
Take a taxi home。
I stand downstairs,Back and forth,I carefully observed the windows of my home,Found that all the lights were off。
Right,This time,There are not many lights on in the whole building。
They must have fallen asleep long ago。
I go upstairs,Take the key,Then gently open the door。
I didn’t turn on the light,Just use the flashlight function of your phone,Scan the situation at home。
The master bedroom and guest bedroom are closed。
My heart beats violently。
Patted my chest,I keep myself as calm as possible。
I came to the master bedroom,Gently open the door,Then suddenly turn on the light。
There is no one in the room。
I quickly ran to the guest bedroom,Open door and light,No one inside。