Man Man nodded,Waved his hand to call out the thousand sanctuary powerhouses he had brought,These people are the cultivators of the dragon-shaped monster race,The combat effectiveness is very strong。

Because Lei Tianzi is worried that these dragon-shaped monsters will know each other,Wrap them all in middle-grade fairy armor,And ordered not to show his true colors,The instructions he gave are to protect everyone from harm,Because it’s a serious thing to remember what you look like,After being brainwashed, the sanctuary powerhouse accepted this memory and acted immediately,They only use the style of armor to distinguish between friends and enemies。
Although there are only a thousand strong sanctuary fighting,But they are all carrying the big killer ghost sickle around,After offering a million ghost sickles,Killed from a thousand directions。
The firepower of the ghost sickle is very fierce,One is worth a million troops,The sanctuary powerhouse descended to a distance of 900,000 meters,Beyond the thin atmosphere,I met the immortal cultivator below。
The Sanctuary Powerhouse Says Nothing,Kill someone,With the violent gunfire spread,Alarmed more cultivators,People are everywhere in the air,Ghost sickle with computer-designed automatic identification system,As long as it’s not one’s own person, it will be shot headshot,Therefore, many immortal cultivators don’t know who killed them or what weapon before they die.。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Jingyu Snow Mountain
The battle lasted for about a day,The gunfire finally stopped,Many mechanical puppets flew out of Lei Tianzi’s fairy space to clean the battlefield,This kind of work generally doesn’t require a sanctuary powerhouse to do,There are no low-level subordinates around Lei Tianzi,I had to let the mechanical puppet complete it。
It was the first time Xuanyuan Dandan saw Emperor Lei leading a fight,Only then did she know how powerful Lei Tianzi’s combat effectiveness is,In the second world, I’m afraid it’s not being held up to be the position of Emperor Thunder Sky.,But there are real people。
Forget that this is a strategy of Emperor Lei,Xuanyuan Dandan thinks this man is very mysterious,Very attractive。
The brains of women who fall in love are usually confused,Xuanyuan Dandan is not immune,She can’t remember,It was the emperor Lei who pretended to be pitiful to arouse Xuanyuan Dandan’s sympathy,Revealed this wealthy place to Lei Tianzi。
Emperor Lei took Xuanyuan Dandan、Leiland、Several people from Man Man went straight to the core area below,Robbed the robber’s treasure house。
Xuanyuan Dandan is right,Robber is rich,And there are a lot of fairy crystal mines on this death star,Found one was dispatched by Emperor Lei to excavate mechanical puppets,There are billions of mechanical puppets in his fairy space,Are good at mining,The speed is more than three times that of the cultivator,Originally designed for mining,The most professional job。
One month later,Lei Tianzi grabbed all the wealth of this Death Star,He gave Xuanyuan Dandan the eight trillion trillion yuan,Said:“This is the share you deserve。”
“I do not want,You keep it。”Xuanyuan Dandan twistedly said。
Not waiting for Lei Tianzi to speak,Man Man grabbed the fairy space from Lei Tianzi’s hand and stuffed it into Xuanyuan Dandan’s hand,Said:“This is what you deserve,Take it。”
There are too many fairy crystals of eight trillion trillion,I can’t hold the empty space at all,Can only be installed in the fairy space。