“come on!”
People lived on the scene.,In this way, in the heart of the heart。
For the car family,This game is really wonderful.。
From the beginning,Lamborghini has fallen into K?nisell.,Sometimes Lamborghini leads,But soon be surpassed by Koniciseel。
Two cars in vast majority,All are parallel,No more than half the body from each other。
Inside the Koniseel,Lucy look serious,solemn,Hands and feet continue to switch,Give people a row of water-like fluency。
Her eye angle is light to the left side.,“I will win.。”
I don’t know if it is coincidence.,Qin Haoyue on the left also came to the watch,Horn hook the confident smile。
“Good play really start。”
He stepping on the throttle,Quick release,Soonlight,Lamborghini is like a roaring beast,Show textbook drift。
Instantly Beyond Konicy。
Such a picture passes through the big screen of the square,In the eyes of people,Suddenly attracting the tsunami。
Sally, Hong Kong City and the Austrian car were on the end.,No one cares。
More than ten seconds,Chu Feng droves Pargari rushed to the originating point。
“Gentlemen,Ladies,Five participating rifars have all entered the second half,The next schedule will be more intense……”
See the end of Panani,The host’s voice sounds。
Just this time,How many people do not work。
“Have a fur,The three cars behind are cannon gray。”
“that is,Especially in the last Panii,It’s a good car.。”
“Still watching Konisell and Lamborghini。”
Chu Feng doesn’t know what people look for him.,He now confirms one thing。
“Big brother,You really want to open?”
“Um,After the front corner parking。”
Chu Feng bites his teeth,“it is good。”
Now now,He knows that he can’t catch up with the front.。
And the calmness between summer look,Let him live in the heart.。
Soon over the corner,Two people changed each other。
Ambulous,Panii re-shot out。
“Big brother,You are not as good as I.。”
Chu Feng Yugu,Out of a grunge smile,“You are too slow.。”
His thought that summer may not be deep,But this is a face of disappointment。
Although he has not passed professional training,It is very familiar with all the processes of the car.,And moderately modest。
But now the current driving action,Just and ordinary people,Not professional at all。