Confused members of the super-run club,One face is gloomy,Gaze,Although not cool,But it is also arrogant.。

Chu Feng took the hard to take two palms,Calance all attention,Immediately he jumped directly on the roof of Panani.。
“Allocate,Now I want to announce a thing,Before the game,I am between Qin Yue, I am,There is also a bet,Who lost words,Interrupt the limbs,I hope everyone in the scene is a testimony.!”
Voice is just,A piece of。
People oppose each other,Everything is surprised and excited at each other。
Have a good show.。
This is the thought of everyone’s first time.。
Just at this time,The engine roaring in front,In the field of view,A silver Lamborghini rapidly,Quickly rush through the terminal。
Then,Slow parking。
Absolutely an instant,Shutdown scene。
All eyes are brushed over the Lamborghini。
Door push。
A person。
It is Qin Moon。When people transfer attention,Summer is also quietly pushed open the door。
NS982chapter Arrogant Qin Moon
When Qin Yuyue gets in the field,Absolutely weigh the attention。
But in his identity,No one dares to speak,No one dares to start。
But this is a light,But it is full of fun.。
“Qin Ge。”
“Qin Shao。”
More than 10 members of the super-run club,It’s like a star, the moon is generally in the middle.。
Qin Yue Face is gloomy,I looked at the Chu Feng standing on the roof.,Receipt,Also look at Zhong Yun,“Give him money,let’s go。”
Say,Turning to six-storey building。
“Qin Haoyue,Give Xiaoye standing!”
Chu Feng now drinks a big drink,Out from the night,“Are you not very mad?,You are not going to play with me, big gambling?,how?Do you want to pay now??”
Fall into the voice,Surrounding atmosphere。
Qin Yue, just turned,Color blue and white,A pair of eyes,A moment of swearing,That original handsome cheek suddenly became up。
His dream did not expect,Chu Feng will announce each other’s bets。