Be keen and cautious。

“Why do you tell me?,Just some feelings,Unclear,Just become a person I hate the most。”
Gao Boyi said。
Let Li Sandan, smashed this,Some laughs。
“A young juvenile push open window,Miao Man’s girl passed before the window,And his eyes,The two seem to have。
However,When the girl is delivered to the right to do it in the evening.,In a bearded old man, you will turn。Many years later,Two people goodbye,Yesterday, the feelings came with the wind.。
look,I am probably that boy.,Today becomes a harmonious old man,Who wants who wants to sleep?,No cost,Such people,Does it should be hated??”
Gao Bo Yi gently held Li Shi Tan’s hand,Say the bottom of the heart。
“Alang wants to say something?”
“Dragon Warrior,One day, one day, it turns into a badlier,Then wait for another Dragon Slayer Warrior。”
I can tell,Gao Boyi is still some ideas。Li Shi Tulu said not to change color:“Alang’s words,Let me think of a sentence you have often hanging on the mouth.。”
“What words?”Gao Bao is curious。
“Sword people are rationality!”
Finish,She laughs at her haha.,Laughing, laughing,Almost beat Gao Baoyi chest。
“Demon!You are itchy.!”
Gao Bao,Pull Li Tan to bed,The two people have a mad kiss.,Almost always swallow the opponent。
A long time later,I haven’t seen it in the room.,The two people who have been in the quarter,They haven’t been such a unscrupulous house for a long time.。
“Will Alang will be a tyrant?,Just like a huge ocean?”
Li Zi Tan, certainly will not ask Gao Biyi will not be a emperor.,When you haven’t born it in the high care industry.,She knows how the other party is。
Woman looking for a man,Sometimes it is like a preference。Who is a person who is a treasure?,But bet,It is also a factor that cannot be ignored.。
Man’s heart door,It is open in the first time.,If you come in, I will come in.。After waiting,Then,I don’t know how much I have to pay.。
Li Shini is also a very mascover and idea.,Or call a corrupted card to get a lore,At first she picked high-Bo Yi,Really need courage。This courage,But it is from the first impression。
With it, I want to be with Gao Bao.,It is better to say that you are not willing to fate.。
“I want should shoulder Qinhuang Hanwu,What they did,I have to do it.,What they can’t do,I have to do it too.!”
Gao Baoyi said strongly。
More than a thousand years of experience,He stands on the shoulder of the giant,It should be!When the emperor,Either you don’t play,To play,Be sure to play。
Learn Wang Hao as a few years and then toss it yourself.,Why bother?
“Alang once said,The brave turns a bad dragon,It is because of evil temptation。Generation generation cycle。If you are not tempting,Or after the decline,Change the rules of the game,Maybe everything will be different.?”
Li Zhin muttered,She certainly understands what Gao Bao said.。It’s a fight,Incense,Naturally, it is fled that the emperor will be in the circle.。
I have already embarked this road.,There is no way to go back,Whether it is Gao Boyi,Or Li Shuhe yourself,All the same。