“who are you?I’m looking for Wang Youcai“Woman catching cold with hand fan,Asked Chen Yueqin。

Chen Yueqin’s eyes stared,Roar:“I’m the fuck,who are you,Dress like this,Not afraid of the dogs in our village biting you“
“Ouch!So it’s mom!I am your daughter-in-law Chen Xiaoju,This bastard didn’t tell you?Did he find another one outside?“Chen Xiaoju’s throat,As if others can’t hear。
A few children watching the excitement outside,Shouting mischievously:“Shame!Undressed,Big bare legs,Bright“
When Chen Yueqin saw Chen Xiaoju,Originally upset,Plus these kids are coaxing together outside,Her old face is a little bit awkward,She twisted her fat body,Hands on hips,Shouted loudly:“Get out of me!“
This sound,Like thunder in March,The few kids outside the door,Run without a trace。Chen Xiaoju was also surprised,She wanted to use this hand,Shock Wang Youcai’s mother first,did not expect,This old lady is more bullish than she thought。
“You are driving me away?no way,Your son got my belly up,Just ran away without a trace,If there is no saying today,I let the whole village know,What kind of son did you have“Chen Xiaoju put away which set just now,Face changed,Said sharply to Chen Yueqin。
Wang Degui in the house,My face was pale with anger,He shouted:“All visitors,Ask someone to talk inside the house“
Chen Yueqin just turned sideways,Chen Xiaoju twisted her waist like a water snake,Stepped into the hall。Wang Youcai standing behind Wang Youdao,When I saw Chen Xiaoju,He rushed over immediately,Pointing at Chen Xiaoju’s face with fingers,Scolded:“You shameless,Do you want to die,Also found home“
“Bastard“Wang Degui roared,Wooden box with tobacco leaves in hand,Just flew over。Wang Youcai bowed his head in fright,Wooden box hit the wall,Fell to pieces with a snap。
Chen Xiaoju,I immediately understood,She cried to Wang Degui:“dad,It’s my fault,Shouldn’t run home to find wealth,So he didn’t say anything to you…“
“wait wait wait“Wang Degui interrupted Chen Xiaoju,Keep saying:”Don’t call dad first,Wait until I clarify things first“
Wang Youcai stands behind Wang Youdao,Stretched his neck and said:“dad!Don’t listen to her nonsense“
“go away!from now on,You better shut up“Wang Degui roared like thunder,Frightened Wang Youdao hurriedly pushed Wang Youcai。
Chen Xiaoju saw that the situation was very beneficial to her,Choked and said:“I am a wealthy secretary,One to two,I’m familiar with Youcai,I didn’t expect him to take advantage of me,After my husband knew about it,Make a noise in my house,Divorced me,This is not,My belly is also big,You Cai ignored me“