The pavilion didn’t know how much wind and rain experienced.,Look very ancient。

Tang no laughter:“Come,Go to the pavilion,Cup of tea first。”His figure between talking,Like the lightning, I came to the pavilion.。
“Please!”Tang Fengyun reaches your finger。
“Tang Dynasty, please please。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Still polite,Remote is a guest,Please。”Tang Fengyun Road。
“Ha ha,it is good!”Lin Feng Wen Yan Haha smiled,His figure steps,The figure is like a pavilion of the pavilion as the arrow of the string.。
Then Tang Fengyun,Mu Jun and Cheng Tianlong three people also came to the center of the pavilion。
The center of the pavilion has a stone table,Everyone is sitting on the stone bench,Tea set is placed on the stone table,Tang Fengyun personally extracts tea,The fragrated heart of tea is filled in the void,I can’t help but I can’t help my heart.,Brain。
Tang no lack of picking up a cup of tea,He closed the eyes and quiet drink,And then open your eyes:“Boy,Don’t restore。”
“Grandfather,I will not be polite.。”Lin Feng smiled and picked up the tea cup and gently taste it.:“Good tea,People who are quiet。”
“Tea is good,Unfortunately, I am old.,No wonder you call me for the father。”Tang has no shortcomings in the corner of Tang.。
“Lin Feng,In fact, I don’t have a short age of less than 60 years old.,According to the people who are martial arts, it is not easy to aging.,Especially like no shortcomings,But no shortcomings are aging in advance.。”Tang Fengyun smiled and explained。
Lin Feng heard the thoughts,Then apologize:“Tang Shu,Excuse me。”
“fine。”Tang has no shortage of laughing:“Your kid doesn’t have white hair.?young people,Many things look at the opening,My aging is the first because of ANN death.,The second is that I am poisonous in my body.,Many of my life is lost.。”
Lin Feng heard his face revealed。
The tea in his cup is drinking,There is a beautiful figure in the mind.,She is lying in the darkness of the Antarctic Xuan Bing。
“Boy,I apologize.,Let you have hooked sad things。”Tang Nothing apologize。
“Tang Shu,fine。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I always make her resurrection one day.!”Lin Feng’s tone with powerful will。
“Hey,Your obsession is too deep.。”Tang no shortcomings:“I am fine when I am.?I want to win to the world.,But I am now falling so.,A Ning is also a long-lasting land.。”
“I am not obsessive.,I believe that there is a reincarnation in the world.。”Lin Fengboxao。
“Heaven and earth have a round?Round and false,Who can know??”Tang has no shortcomings with bitter smiles。
“Tang Shu,We don’t discuss this induced topic.,Tang Shu,What is your poison??According to my knowledge, Tang family is good at poisonous,Is there a poison that Tang’s unique??”Lin Feng asked。
“Boy,Of course, there is a poison that Tang family is not open.,In the whole world,Gold level forces that are good at playivism, no four。”Tang no laughter:“Our four have thousands of autumn,But the most resolved toxic is five drug teaching.。”
“Five toxicism?”Lin Feng heard the surprise,indeed,The non-toxic god of five poisonism is terrible,It is in poison to grow their own strength。
“good,Five drugs are not the great forces of the world,But absolutely one of the great forces of the world,And his wife and education。”Tang no laughs and explains:“The poisonous Tang family on my body can’t be lifted.,Otherwise it will not be disabled.。”
“so it is,Didn’t you find them??”Lin Feng heard the words。
“The conditions they have made are difficult to accept。”Tang:“Can only drag it now。”
“Tang Shu,Can you tell me what to tell me??”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I know a little medical skills.,Can help you see。”
“you?”Tang has no surprise。
“No-brother,Lin Feng’s personal medical skills are very high。”Tang Fengyun laughs,His face is looking forward,If you speculate your correct words,Lin Feng should have certain grasp the detoxification。
“Ok。”Tang has no shortage of laughing,He is not concerned,I haven’t been removed for so many years.。
“Do you tell me what to poison?。”Lin Feng asked with a smile。
“To tell the truth,At the beginning, Aluden was seriously injured.,Almost die,I live in Xuan Ice to live her life.,Find a medicinal material on an island in South Asia,But but hit the people who teach,This triggered a battle,Although I kill all people,But I also brought the hit before the mother taught a jade.,Her mother is infinished into my body。”Tang has no shortage:“Both the best is a highly toxicity,The practitioner doesn’t know how many poor use can be repaired.,I can’t help but have been,This hyperin penetrates my five organs,I am suffering from suffering these years.,I don’t know how long it can be suppressed.。”
“so it is。”Lin Feng heard the words,This is very similar to what I originally,Just cultivate five poisons,Plus,In exchange for your own peerless。
“Lin Feng,Is there a way??”Tang Fengyun has a silk lookout,He does not give up every line of hope,Because the most taking care of him in Tang family is Tang Dynasty.,Tang Fengyun will see Tang Dynasty。
NS283chapter Give Tang no shortage
Lin Feng heard the Tang Fengyun’s question did not answer,And then looked at Tang no shortcomings:“Tang Shu,Why don’t you take the gods of my wife?,Then practice,Controlled this real gas?”
“I also thought about this method.,But no,Because no matter how non-toxicity is good, it is still good.,The way they practice is the same,But the trifling is a true gas.,It is different from,For example, when they practice, they must choose toxicities.,If you choose the poison of the poison,The trivial practice is naturally different.,I tried it.,Cannot drive。”Tang has no lack of explanation。
Lin Feng heard that this suddenly realized,Tang is not acknowledged,He is impossible to practice the same thing in the same way in the body.。