“Wait,and many more!”

Qian Mei father is pale,No sillet,Before the summer,They feel unprecedented fear。
Middle age to bear pain,Job,“you,You can’t kill me,I,My son isskCore member,If you kill me,he,He will definitely revenge me.……”
Summer solve,Continue to walk。
Thud,The Qianmei, who is just standing, after seeing the body,Legs,Once again。
Pants have been wet,传。
She screamed。
Only screaming can cover her heart and fear at this moment.。
“Is it good??Why do you want to find a dead road?。”
Summer repeat,Killing is not hidden。
Summer voice is very flat,But the kind of cooler has sprpented into the bones of the two.,Sight for the middle age,Just a word is not falling,A flower,Next, see one hand。
This hand is hierarchy his neck。
嚓 嚓 sound,The expression of middle-aged face is stiff,The head is as free to fall off.。
Throw the body with one hand,I looked at the money on the ground and still screaming.,Turn away,At the same time cold,“Kill her。”
A sword light flashing,Qian Mei’s screams are abrupt,The throat reflects a number of blood lines,Fmped by blood is like tap water, usually flowing。
That is still a beautiful face, I don’t dare to do it.,Hate with endless regret,Inverted。
Murder,Yan Yuan has no discomfort,There is no hesitation。
She lives from my little.,Killing people is just a house。
As for the summer, you don’t have to say it.。
Leaving Huaxia,He is a tiger that is released at any time.,An inviting dragon in the sea,Cold blood and cold。
The two have not stopped,Leave away from the villa。
There are still many horses in the manor.,But at this moment, like a snake,I don’t dare to get close to the two,Far away from flight。
Until the two left this place,It is completely confusing in the manor。
the other side,Summer and Yan Yuan have already taken a taxi。
Until this time,Summer has time to ask,“How did you come to Turnsman??”
His look is a bit weird,Even some discomfort。
It is that Yan Yuan’s attitude towards him has been too big before.。
“I went to the fire pit to find a medicinal material called a seedlings.。”
Yan Yuan did not hide,Looking at the eyes of summer is not worshiping。
Although she has a series of misunderstandings with the summer,But in Tianlong Gate,Summer strong combat power has already been convinced of Yan Yuan。
The key is,Summer is a biological son of Uncle Tianlongmen Xiaochao。
Have this relationship,For people in the ancient martial art,Even more than your family。
“Who tells you a five seed lotus?”Summer is more surprised,Why,A bad feeling。
“Our martial art is looking for nine purple lotus.。”
Yan Yuan is patient explanation,“This is the task of the man’s teacher.,He also explained,It seems that it is a few years ago, the young teacher has explained the time.。”