Unexpected,Jianguang a turn,The heads of four of the five high-level gods were all cut off by this knife,Only one upper god of the wind system forms an elemental clone,Dodge this sword。

“Puff!”A spear passes through the chest of the upper god。White light appeared on the surface of another god,Holding a spear through the chest of the only upper god who escaped。
Teenager with bright eyes,If he has this kind of strength,Can easily escape from Black Jones Mountain,Or don’t run away,Become the leader of the high-ranking robber in the bloodstone guild。
“brat,It’s quite hidden!”A gentle voice rang in the boy’s ear。
The hairs were erected in the moment of the youth。
“Who!who is it!”Boy shouted,But dare not amplify the sound。
“Don’t be afraid,I have nothing wrong with you。”A young man in a blue robe stands behind him,Smiling。
“brat,It looks like you escaped from the Black Jones Mountains, right,Can you tell me?”Wright smiling,But there is a special rhythm in the speech。
The teenager was still wary,But at the moment I can’t stop talking:“I,I was originally a sanctuary on the Black Jones Mountains,After the breakthrough, he was caught by the bandits of the Bloodstone Society and forced to mine。”Just finished,The youngsters looked scared,What he didn’t want to say just now,But I can’t restrain my impulse to speak at all。
“take it easy,It’s just some applications of the rules of life to the soul.。”Wright saw what the boy thought,Comfort road,“So you and Bloodstone will have hatred?Tell me more about the Bloodstone Club,maybe—There will be no bloodstone meeting after today?”
“No bloodstone?”Juvenile froze:“You are elves,Accept the elf mission to destroy the Bloodstone Society?”
“You know elves?”Wright asked with some interest:“At least you know the fairy castle,Didn’t you say that you have been a slave in the bloodstone after breaking through the god level??”
“I,I know elves,It’s because bloodstone is mine as a slave, not just people like me,There are many lower gods,The middle god was tied up by them。These lower gods are enough,Most of them don’t know much about the world of life like me,But many of the middle gods have seen the world,Among them, there are even strong middle gods。We are not always busy mining,Occasionally some days,When the bandits of the Bloodstone Society have a big gain,Will also give us a break,But usually only once in a few months,We have time to rest and chat。I only found out when I chatted with them。”
“That’s it。”Lei Feature nodded。
“The strong inside the Bloodstone Society,How much do you know。”A voice came in。It turns out that Cecilia has completely killed the bandit in that metal life,And Elek flew to Wright’s side,Asked。
The boy looked at Cecilia in fear,Cecilia exploded metal life with a sword just now,The power to kill the four upper gods,So much awe of him。
“That one,As far as i know,There should be over a hundred high-level gods in the entire Bloodstone Society,Because the upper god is called the captain in the bloodstone meeting,And the entire Bloodstone will have more than 60 teams,In addition, there are subordinates directly under the commander and leader,There are some higher gods who are not part of the team organization。”
“Then the most powerful,Should be the three big bosses and the eight big bosses,I heard some gods who stayed in the bloodstone for a long time said,Each of the eight bosses can match more than ten ordinary high-level gods,And the two chiefs and the three chiefs are far beyond the chief。As for the big boss,It is said that he has stood at the pinnacle of the upper god。But the news I know,Are all slaves forced to mine,The accuracy should not be high。”
Wright:“Ok,well。Now you have two options,Or leave now,I can give you a source stone,Enough for you to live in the city for a long time,But it’s up to you how you go back。or,Guide us,After we get rid of the Bloodstone Society,Will take you to the nearest city。”