Chen Linzhi calmly,Customers who have a homological securities,These needs are almost not,At present, communication is inconvenient.。

Laughing and patted Sanmu Shoulders,Chen Linzhi continued:
“It seems that I should buy some gifts to thank you.,If you don’t eat at night, you advise me to do empty microsoft.,I will not meet today’s good things.,Nasdaq is chaotic,Order has taken effect,Microsoft stock price fell four% to four,I am afraid I can continue to fall down.。
I am looking for you.,Just want to continue through your company,Do empty personal computer、Nasdaq Market,Especially Microsoft、Oracle、ib、HP these giants,Option、futures、Unlock……No matter what way,How much is I eat?,Gamble!”
Chen Linzhi is urgent to do it empty。
Fa Bi’an can’t find the opportunity to get started,He wants to try at the Headquarters of the Tokyo Naval Securities,This year, the rich and the agency,Total US stocks invest than $ 500,000,Maybe there is an opportunity to increase the empty position。
Sanmou really listened to this sentence,Laugh:“US stocks are now chaotic,I am afraid it is hard to find,I don’t know much about the specific situation.,I will discuss it later.。Microsoft fell so fast,Mr. Chen, you have a vision,Change to others, even if I am desperately recommended,Don’t necessarily have the power of the shot,I can’t accept your gift.。”
Chen Linzhi is happy,I think that the real estate bubble has not collapsed.,Maybe a lot of opportunities,Suddenly emerging the thoughts of this lucky smart person,Specialize in taking care of yourself。
But he didn’t mention it now.,Follow up to the building,Come to an office area in a white。
Under Sanpu Bouzhen,A bunch of latest news quickly received to Chen Linzhi,Key intelligence is more。
First, tens of millions of transactions have died in the New Handling system.,No time to implement,So that the order quote is quickly invalid,Resulting in numerous investors。
Second, the Dow Jones Index has fallen more than 3%,However, the situation is not imagined.,Many Wall Street Mechanisms are fast,Joint hands to start the city,Stable market order,After all, in the event of a complete collapse,Everyone is not good for fruit.。
Third, after a fierce falling,Some listed companies’ share price,Start with rebound quickly,Some garbage stocks have fallen more,The giants are relatively good,American TV station、broadcast、Exchange of exchanges,Start to publish clarification announcements,This makes some investors to find some confidence。
Overall,Today’s opening does have violent impact on the market,However, there is no bad thing when Chen Linzhi is imagined.,Ambulance,Again。
Although some regrets,But it is also reasonable,Because of the stock、Broker、fund、Do those people,I don’t want the stock market to fall.,For a while, I will want to defeat their psychological defense.,raletively hard,Also watch tomorrow Asia Pacific market、How to react with the European market,Globalization1987year,It is increasingly connected to a whole。
Really hope that the stock market fell,In addition to Chen Linzhi, these speculators,That is, there is no ordinary people in the stock market.,The more people who don’t have anyone else, the better,Anyway, it is not your own business.。
Under Sanpu Help,Many news summaries to Chen Linzhi,Also borrowed to the computer to view the electronic quote,Chen Linzhi put the futures market、Bond Market、Foreign exchange market,And the company’s share price before he has checked it over again.,During the period, he often talks to the hand.,One item decision released,Including death and dying,Contact banks Arrange 24-hour large customer manager ready to live,Go to the brokerage, continue to do the sky, etc.。
Time passed by one minute。
Single anti-air index futures,And doing empty Microsoft stock options,Time to get from Tokyo time,Total Zhi Chen Linzhi saves more than 3,900 million dollars,Taking into account the Nikkei Index、The Hang Seng Index also holds a lot of empty orders in the market,As long as the next few hours does not rebound,Human money is almost affirmative。
The problem is that,How much can you earn?,There is also a smooth market.,Multi-air continuing game,Will you continue to gamble?,Timely plus the position。
The first two months suffered,Let Chen Lin Zhi have a lingering,So he is temporarily unsupported,Worried about the next trading day,Market will rebound。
So he smokes smoke,Sitting in front of the computer seriously thinking,Even the long-Zen Dai has not found a battery that has just bought.……
NS323chapter Turn over
Waiting at the Headquarters Headquarters。
From 11:00,Always supported in the middle of the night.。
American stocks three major indices are playing mountain cars,Standard500index、Dow Jones Industrial Index、Nasdaq Composite Index Collective Highway Diving,4 o’clock in the highest time,Subsequently climbed。
The decline is always stalemate at about 3%.,This shows that the market has passed a short confusion.,Gradually stabilize。
The volume of funds has risen at a time,National investors or crazy escape,Or choose a bottom。
Twelve o’clock in the middle of the night,Already the October 17th of Tokyo Time,Saturday。
New York, New York, more than 10 hours from Tokyo,Is there on Friday?。