Whether it is too young,Still not a dead,Wilderness,They all wear the robe of the Guanfu viaoguan。

good,These three strong people are the three venues of the Nanshan Tang Dynasty.,Yang,Nanming A,Wolf,Each cultivation is deeply unexpected。
Three people‘Negative’鸷 look at the distance,Walking over the void in the distance,This shadow dragon row,Between the power with powerful,He is wearing a purple gold‘color’robe。
This purple gold‘color’Robe is the robe of Nanshan Tang Demple,He is the main ghost of Nanshan Tang Gongdefu,Ming ghost carrying hands,God‘color’Amorphous,Between the featuring atmosphere。
His eyes looked at a collapse of the mountain,The breath of time and space remains in the mountain peak,His face‘color’‘Negative’Sink。
“What’s the matter?”
Ming ghost carrying hands,noodle‘color’‘Negative’Look at Yangle blood,Nanming A,Wolverine three strong:“Don’t you say that there is a short crystal??我?”
“Owner,This we may survey it.,But I really didn’t deceive you.。”Wild wolf is full of laughter。
“good,This is really not necessary,We will find a lot when we come here.。”Nanmingliga also loudly。
“Oh,Then you explain what is going on here.?”The ghost carrying the double hand looks at the three-person:“Is this time and space crystallogenic??”
Wolf,Nanming A,Yang’s blood is also depressed,They don’t understand why this happens here.,They have used Yuan Shen to detect here when they come.。
This does have time and space crystals。
Is it wrong??impossible,One person is wrong,But two people?Can three people remember at the same time??
“All right,This thing is here,I still have something。”The ghost is carrying the double hand of the cold.:“Yang,Nanming A,Little work after the wolf!”
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Chapter 1,465 Cruel struggle
NS1465Chapter struggle
“Wait,Owner,Look at one more,If it is true,It is not too late to leave again.,There is much more storage than here.。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update”At this time, the yang residual blood suddenly looted:“If there is no,I personally compensate the owner100Ten thousand pieces!”
“This is almost。”
Spirituality heard the face and relieved,100Although there are not many pieces,There is no white coming here.。
“I also compensate the owner!”
At this time, the wolf,Nanming has smiled and attacked。
“Take a way。”The ghost carrier double hand。
“Owner,this way please!”Yang residual blood pointed to a direction,His figure is going to go first.。
Wolf,Nanming A,The body of the three strong people in the Phent has followed it.,Soon, I came to thousands of miles.,This mountain peak tower,More than thousands of miles,It’s like a dark god sword.。
The sky is floating over the dark hall,These halls have been broken,Lying in the mountains,There are also corpses,These bodies have a powerful breath。
“here has?”
Spirituality suddenly refers to this mountain peak。
Just instantly in the sprout sound,Yang,Nanming A,The three strong faces of the wild wolf bring the color,Three people gently shoot a palm,Three huge palm printed in the empty。