Zhou Li went back and took some things from Xiao Chenchen,Mentioned it。Xia Jian watched Zhou Li get in the car,Then waved,Turned away。

“Xia Jian!When you need help,Despite opening”Zhou Li suddenly stretched her head out of the window,I lowered my voice and shouted something like this。
Xia Jian didn’t look back,Did not speak,He walked back to the courtyard,The big iron door closed again gently。Fortunately, http://www.xingfudaren.cn Old Xiao spent a lot of money on this door,So the sound of opening and closing doors is very small。
Go back to my room,Xia Jian didn’t even turn on the lights。He felt like he was sleeping all night,But I can’t sleep well。He woke up at five o’clock in the morning。
Xia Jian is a good student this time,He knew that his parents were in bed together and found that if Xiao Chenchen had left overnight,How can you let him go?It’s better to hide first。
With this idea,He got up quietly。Went to the toilet,I sneaked out without even having time to wash my face。
Deep winter,It’s five o’clock in the morning again,Xia Jian once again learned what cold is。The northwest wind is blowing,Like a knife that is not dull,Caress it gently on the person’s face,That sore spot,It’s heart-wrenching pain。
at this time,It’s really not easy to get a car。Xia http://www.sz-furniture.cn Jian put his hands in his pockets,Ran from Beishan Park to the main road,Ran from the main road to Beiguan Shizi。But the terrible thing is,If the big road is more than the cleaner who gets up early to sweep the road,The rest are a few wild dogs that came out looking for food。
Xia Jian keeps moving forward,He was ready to run to Xiao Xiao’s Yijuyuan。A 20-minute drive,Big deal he ran for an hour,This is nothing to him。
But it’s cold!He ran for a while,I feel the ears are gone。And on this leg,It’s like not wearing pants。
No turning back arrow,This all ran out。Even if it is colder,He also has to go to Yijuyuan。Otherwise, if you go back this time,One is not cost-effective,The second is shame,Three are scolded。
Under weigh,Xia Jian let go,Run towards Yijuyuan with the fastest speed。Fortunately, this road is no stranger to him。In addition, there http://www.jiao120.cn are fewer people without cars at this time,So he can run around more presumptuously。
He felt the spaciousness of the road for the first time,He even felt lonely。Gradually,His ears are numb,It’s not cold anymore,The body still feels a little tidal,Seems to be sweating。
When Xia Jian felt that she was almost unable to run,He jerked up,I found myself at the gate of Yijuyuan Community。at this time,Some early risers have started to move on the street。