The gunman suddenly reacted,Immediately change to continue shooting。
And Du Qingfeng and others collectively see the summer。
“Kill it.。
do not waste time。”
Summer sound is not high,Even very light,But very cold。
For enemies,He never know what is pity。
And at the moment,Is a normal state。
Just at the point of fall,Five residues。
Be right。
Twenty-four people,Only five people rushed out,The rest of the people are on the ground,Faint look。
“噗噗……”The five people who rushed out seem to have been involved in the crowd.,Like five fried thunders,Madness。
The crowd suddenly frank。
In four around a watch,I can’t see the action they shoot.,I only see a Dao blood riot.。
A voice is screaming,A cadaver constantly fell。
Time is not long。
Really not long。
More than ten seconds before and after。
Hundreds of gunmen,All in the blood of the blood。
All are all violent。
Have no living!All passengers are all scared by all passengers。
Absolute shock!they are……Who!Nervousness and tension,Everyone’s heart does not help but appear similar ideas。
Summer voice came,At the same time,Also,“It is impossible to have such a little one.,If you encounter, solve the fastest speed.。”
Everyone should sound,Follow the way out。
The people near export should be facing,Oppose each other,I don’t know if I should go out.。
After all, this is export。
If you have a gun battle……Rumble!at this time,A dull motor sound。
A motorcycle sports car galloped,Motorcycle back,It is a super sports car.,Indulge smoke in the night。
“This is……c?”
“Maximum forces in MalanycMan……wrong,I also seesksIn……”“This……Malany’s largest two forces,What do they want to do??”
God,We’re fucked,I remember the last non-Green Bin Anti-Drug Day,There are more than 700 policemen being killed.,There are still more than one hundred unidentified people being killed.……RumorsksConcern。”
“……”Originally wanting to leave the port,All are frightened,Return。
cSumsksIt is the largest two black forces in Malani.。
Erotic industry,Arms smuggling,Drug trafficking……All are controlled by these two forces。
Important,These two forces are not ordinary gangsters,Rewarding its in-house is special training,Comparison of regular army。