“In such a world,In the face of people who have been familiar with,You can’t use the previous eyes to see them.。”

“In short,The breakthrough in this world must also be on the body of Johim.,We must find a chance to approach him!”
“Uh-huh!”Xier nod。
In the world,Johim as an important material that is destiny is reversed.。
Finally, I decided that Johim’s belongs,It is the key to returning to the quantum.。
Bronia and Xier walked into the wooden house,I found that the father was gone.,Children sit next to a shabby wooden table,Unfair。
De Lisa strong laugh:“Everyone is hungry.,Guess what we eat at noon today??”
No one answers De Lisa,See you a bit of eyebrows.,Her eyes are also slightly。
A companion in life together,Today, I left one.,There is no mood to eat,Also very normal。
“Is it a carrot beet soup??”In order not to let Durisa,Also to alleviate the cold atmosphere,Hi Jier took the initiative to say a dish name。
Chapter 473
See someone talk,De Lisa has a smile。
Someone in the partner leaves,Everyone’s mood is very sad。
But this is the natural choice,No one can change。
Today is Karel’s departure,Tomorrow may be another one,Maybe http://www.eversmiling.com.cn all people are safe。
The dead people have went to another world.,People who are still alive need to continue to live,Look at the front。
“Be wrong,Hi Jier。”De Lisa shakes his head,I said to Zhier:“We only eat beet on Tuesday.,Yesterday I have already eaten it.,Today is Wednesday,Potato stewed beef。”
De Lisa intends to improve your voice,There is also the expectation in words,Strive to make a dull atmosphere,But there seems to be no effect。
Small children can not slow from sorrow,A little bigger, you should understand……
De Lisa’s gaze is looking to Bronia,Elsewhere:“Bronia,You think today’s soup,Is it a lot of potatoes or beef??”
Baronia’s head is awkward:“Is it potato??”
“Answer wrong,Bronia!”De Labee pointed at Balonia:“So,Today, I will punish you to eat more beef.,How long。”
Bronia intentionally http://www.sxyoga.cn looked at the elevation of Emerais Lisa,Although I think this seems not good when everyone is sad.,But you don’t seem to be a little bit higher than De Lisa.。
“De Lisa。”
Ji Ahim next to De Lisa called a sound。
“Um,What’s wrong?”De Lisa。
Johim said:“I know you want us to play spirit.,But you don’t have to force yourself to comfort us.。”
“Carrell is gone,Everyone takes a little time……including you。”
Johhim said,At the end。
One time,No one talks in the room。
De Lisa turned,Go to the kitchen, the priest is doing a good potato stew.。
As De Lisa said,Today’s beef is more than the potato.,Fresh beef in hot soup,The fragrance is not pressed by the pot.,Instead full of whole kitchen。
Bronia got up to help De Lisa,De Lisa has not resolved。
After taking you a good food,De Lisa emphasized a few times http://www.xinfusheng666.cn a few times,I heard the sound of the wrapping of the wrapping of the tableware.。
“Johim,You really……Don’t you think about it??”De Lisa said that only two people know。
Johim,“I see,But I have decided.。”
“okay then。”
There is no sound in front of the dinner table.,Silent in the room。
“Um?Do you have me??”The priest Otto came in from the back door.,Look at the children。
De Lisa returned,I got an eye of the priest’s clothes.,“Priest,You change your clothes,Is it going to the town??”