Xia Shuyue came out of the kitchen,Walked around in the living room,Reach out and carefully peek at every room,what,Isn’t the uncle http://www.thmos.cn married?Xia Shuyue muttered in her heart。

because,Observe,There is no hostess in this house,No wedding photos on the wall,There is no dressing table in the room,Even clothes hanging on the balcony,No one else’s,It’s all old ladies。
“Xiaoxia,sit。”Liu Shuqin smiled and greeted Xia Shuyue。
“Eh,Ok。”Xia Shuyue ran over and sat next to Liu Shuqin。
“How old are you?”Liu Shuqin asked her with a smile。
“I am twenty-four。”Xia Shuyue smiled。
“Where is home?”Liu Shuqin asked again。
“Long’an County。”Xia Shuyue was a little nervous,It feels like the old lady http://www.zjnk120.cn is checking her account。
“Yo,Long’an County is a good place,Good mountains and rivers。”
“you’ve been to?”Xia Shuyue turned her head to look at her。
“No。”Old lady shaking her head。
Xia Shuyue laughed,This old lady is so funny,Have never been,I still speak as if I know it well。
“You are alone http://www.cl10086.cn in the provincial capital?”Liu Shuqin asked again。
Xia Shuyue nodded,“Ok,Myself。”
Liu Shuqin took an apple to Xia Shuyue,“Are you the only daughter?”
Xia Shuyue is tired of coping,Shaking head,“Is not,I have two older sisters。”Took the apple,And hurriedly said thank you。
“Mom, are you checking your account??Why do you ask so much?time to eat。”Uncle is fast,The dishes are ready,Rice is ready,You can eat it once hot。