Liu Yifei’s Hua Mulan Thousands of Auditions

Liu Yifei’s “Hua Mulan” Thousands of Auditions
If there is no epidemic, we already saw the live-action version of “Mulan” at the end of March.Democracy, the discussion about whether Liu Yifei is suitable for “Mulan” has been hotly searched, but in any case, this is after all a year of Disney’s careful decision after interviewing nearly 1,000 audition actors after a year of searching.In fact, it seems that casting is a process of screening actors. The test is the actors and the nervous actors, but in fact, the casting director is also very excited and nervous.The actor does not know what his performance is, and the casting director is the same, looking forward to it and having something.It can be said that the audition is a very exciting thing, the whole process is like a large experiment, free and fun.Liu Yifei audition screenshots.I have been overseas for many years and had the opportunity to participate in several small auditions-I followed the boss to select amateur actors in Australia. I was fortunate to participate in the director group in a TV series in the United States and helped an Australian director audition for local actors in the UK.Accompanying a director friend from Vienna to France and then to Germany, an actress, chatting and generally choosing the favorite male and female owners.The experiences are different in several times, but in general, the audition in the casting is definitely the most important, but in addition to considering the actor’s appearance, line skills, performance talent and experience, the actor’s schedule, pay, and coffee are alsoThere will be a big data-like form.As far as Hollywood is concerned, after independent producers and production companies share the world, casting has become a part of a mature business system, from professional casting companies, actors database, to value assessment files, with additional processes likeExtremely professional standard pipeline operation.It is a system that seems to be the most conservative and checks and balances the powers of directors, producers and investors.The most basic sequence and steps, such as my observation and experience a few years ago, is to first find a familiar casting team. The casting director under this team system starts to find suitable actors through various channels.Of course, the casting directors under the casting system will also have their own backup actor database. They will also contact the actor union. The union will give all qualified actors according to the actor’s needs, and then see if the schedule is appropriate.In this way, a list of actors to be selected will come to fruition, so that it is not yet time to arrange an interview for the time.Lan Yingying audition screenshots.To the list, the casting team will have a formula derived from its own system. In short, it will probably measure the ups and downs of the actor ‘s recent works, various individual and individual heat data, compensation, return on investment, popularity index and other elements.Therefore, each actor’s own dynamic value coefficient is then shown to investors.In the end, under the right budget, choose the right actors to enter the candidate, and this is the stage of audition.In the audition, in addition to the director and producer, the agent of the actors’ union will also participate.During the audition, the actor directed the camera to complete the specified performance subtitles.Sometimes, in order to filter in large quantities, a remote audition will be conducted, which is to give a script fragment, let the actor try the scene against the camera, and then submit the recorded segment.Only after the primary election will there be a pair of auditions face-to-face with the director, which is the second round.Many times, an audition has to go through more than three rounds. For important characters, it also becomes two actors set makeup and then a match. Try to feel the rivalry between them and see if the spark of their interaction is right.But for independent directors, without a casting team, there is not so much process. It is even more a little more “cultivating and encouraging” meaning to bring an assistant to audition for the actors.An actor with a lot of work endorsement may really not be suitable for this role in temperament; a pure white amateur actor may dig up and “have the feeling that the director wants”.This is why many independent film directors like to find newcomers to act, because a piece of white paper can be painted as they want.Of course, there is also a relationship between the volume of the work and the cost savings.Yang Caiyu audition screenshots.In several experiences accompanying the independent director’s trial, the American director was very interesting. When a British girl pushed the door at the time, that feeling was in line with the role of the director’s script.But after a trial, I found it a bit “unfortunate.”what should I do?The director thought she was nervous and acted too hard, so she told her a joke, chatted with her, waited for her to relax, let her try again, and found that acting was “overdone”.So, the director asked the British girl to face a mirror of the wooden board, “face yourself” first, and then look for “the most natural feeling”.In the shallow experience I have been fortunate to participate in, I have seen the director who saw the actor acting without vitality and stopped the trial on the spot.The inspiration of the screenwriter on the spot changed the plot of the script on the spot.In short, during the casting process, there is a “reason” that has always been maintained, that is, before casting, the role is greater than the actor; but after the audition, the actor is higher than the role.And most of the time, no matter in which country, whether the project is large or small, the most critical audition environment in the casting is not a fixed process that can be replaced by standardization and assembly lines, but an autonomous art creation process.In this process, the actors are stimulated, and the directors and screenwriters are also affected.□ Qiu Xiaomo (drama reviewer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreads Wei Zhuo