Lu Hao became Blue Xin to bathe,On the second floor, find Xiaojun。

Go in,Look at, but also,Lu Haocheng laughed:“It seems that your brothers and sisters have solved the things.,I can sit in a room.。”
Blue son once looked at Dad,I also saw a sister.,Laugh:“dad,You said that he is a sister.,Should I let her,I have already made her.。”
Blue Qiqi glanced at him:“You also know that I am your sister.?”
“hehe”Blue and laugh,“Just this is like this,It’s not easy to lose it.,Others see me, I know that the two are brothers and sisters.。”
Blue Qiqi:“”She still don’t talk,Otherwise I have to argue.。
Lu Haocheng laughed:“See your brothers and sisters and good,Dad is relieved.,You go back to the room first,Dad has something to say to your big brother。”
Blue Qiqi is dissatisfied:“dad,What secrets you want to say and your big brother??”
Lu Haocheng gently pinch her pink cheek:“Business。”
Blue Qiqi looked at Dad,“dad,Then do you give me a salary??”
Blue:“Do you have to pay at home??”
Lan Qi Qi Zhuang Zhuang:“Big brother,No salary, what life??”
Blue:“Be eating,What do I do not use?。”
Blue Qiqi:“Big brother,You are really not greedy.。
At least earned some money.,Give me this sister sister snacks and eat it.。”
Blue 梓 俊 下 下 下 眼 眼。
Blue 神 神,Quickly stick out your own little hand,Shake in front of the big brother:“Big brother,Don’t speak out,I know what you have to say.?
After Blue Qiqi snorted,Head is not returning。
Blue silently got up silently。
Lu Haocheng sat on the stool around Xiaojun,“Xiao Jun,Recently, your family’s money is inexplicably turned away.,I can’t find the address and account of the other party,Do you have a way??”
Blue 梓 俊,If you think:“dad,I tried to check it out this evening.。
but,I just saw it.,Camera of your underground parking garage,It seems that it is deliberately destroyed.。”
Xiao Jun said,Ten fingers fly a while,Lu Haochong garage video a blurred。
Lu Haocheng looked at his son:“Xiao Jun,Will it be a problem with the network??
Did not remotely。”
Blue Yu Jun Yilou:“That will not have a problem with each camera.,It was maliciously destroyed by people.。”
He has just doubts this problem.,But I have not found the answer.。
Lu Haocheng Road:“Dad will be careful,you do not need to worry。”
“Um!dad,There is a pass,Check the vehicle。”
Dad’s enemy is very much,I can’t really hitch。