After opening the door,Sit back on the floor next to the tea,Coffee began with his mobile phone。

“Depth,Help me cover the building。”
“How can I have a four hundred,Over two hundred?Is it four hundred?,Reduce four hundred?”
“I pay for a deposit and I don’t want to do it.?”
“Wow, this is too cheap.!Is it a fake??”
Zhou answered him a few questions,I will pick up my clothes and take a shower.,I took a shower and bubble in the bath.,Anti-egg,Just went out and was bombed by a big way。
This old monster is too much.。
He has to return to the room to hide。
The light of the living room has not been extinguished until 12 o’clock.,Zhou Zhiye also heard Taobao button sound effects,The group did not complain about her order to sleep.,Anyway, she stays up late than people。
……But there is no 槐 strong。
The next day’s 序 is still a hundred times,Crazy brush Taobao,The group is squatting in the sofa.。
He not only looks,Still passionate about。
For example, he never buy clothes.,But he still sees the clothing、Shoes and even small accessories,Either yourself,Either you cut to ZhouQQsuperior,Amway Zhou。
The more shopping carts, the more。
From screw powder、All kinds of instant noodles、A largeVAmway’s burning face,To Xuebiko Bingbai、Milk Yoghua Haha……
Go to various net red snacks。
Then it is toilet paper、Garbage bag and other things。
Finally, even seeing cheap。
Then in order to get a full reduction,Plus,Add a magical discovery plus a little enough to be full,Don’t you lose money??
Until the horizontal, a horror:“I am obviously a very cheap thing.,How is it a few thousand??Oh, it turned out that this is the original price.!”
So he started his own。
More amazing,He is finished,Although it is really a lot,But the total is still forced to。
So the sequential decision deletes part。
However, he sees the shopping cart from the head,See the head from the end,Come back a few times,Be got to delete。
Zhou You have to comfort him.:“One year is also this day,Buy is earning,Buy more more,You earn big,look,The total price of my shopping cart is more than you.。”
槐 序 点 点,Deep cold and exhaled,Soon, you will follow your mood.。
Zero point,One person began to grab a single demon。
Zhouzi prepare to buy two coat,A pants and a pair of shoes,Shoes discounts,More difficult to grab,First grab。In addition, he is also ready to change a good drinking machine.,I bought it too cheaper.,Burn water does not force,Plastic flavor。
Finally, a few pieces of the group sell Meng small clothes and a mobile phone。
The next day is a long receiving time。
The name of the virginity,He has always become a look like these days.,Let the group have a little dizzy。Whenever I express him, I will take it.,Remover in numerous express delivery,Leed this is not tired。
What do you have to look at it every day?,Where is delivery?。
This urgency is urged。