Vice city owner in a four-product refiner,Isn’t really nothing?。

Does the four-product refiner lack of resources??
“Since this,Dare to ask about what is the so-called。”
Summer straightforward,“I heard that two of you are the strongest in the city guard.,It is already in the middle of the life and death.。”
Paused,Time to think about two people,Also,“I would like to know,Under your two people,Can you take a thousands of autopsy。”
Narrate,Two people,Look at each other,Lookup。
“If we are working together,There should be a problem within two thousand yards.,I don’t know the deputy owner……”Summer eyes bright,Say,“good,I am going to kill some sea demon in the early days of life and death.,After killing,You take the corpse,Can you do it??”
“Kill life and death?
Rush out?”
The two have changed color。
“You don’t have to rush out of the knot,As long as you take it outside the neighborhood,How about it?”
Duanmu and Tanglin’s look is cloudy。
They know that summer has a means。
I even know that he is a four-product refiner master.,More rumors,It is said that there is still a five-character proprietor。
Previously in Nancheng,I have killed the sea demon of the life and death level.。
“good,We also want to see the means of the deputy owners.!”
Summer nice head,The huge mind swept through the battlefield。
After a moment,His eyes are bright,Mad,“Left, thousands of meters,The big demon wearing red armor,You are ready to lock him。”
Speech,His hand is turning,Big bow appears in the palm。
Another hand,Three fingers,Every interval,There is a arrow。
“咻咻 咻咻!”
Full moon,Three arrows!Speed is incredible,Instantly wear the junction。
Already worse than the fifthal god bow,With four products arrow,Already the strongest resort in summer。
To ensure hitting,He directly opened three arrows。
In fact,He matched。
Three arrows seem to pass through the void,At present, there is a big demon nearby。
Whenever the sound is like a ghost,Falling in the big demon,It is a three-soundtrack。
An embarrassment,嗤 嗤。
An arrow is covered with his eyebrow,An arrow hole wearing throat,Another hole wearing a heart。
Not only that。
After the three arrows,Brought three blood directions,Power does not reduce,Wear the five or six sea demon on the rear。
Follow the frying。
The sudden scene makes the sea demon in the area.。