“How to explain me?!”

Zhouzhi silently turned around,Lying on the wall,Don’t see him, don’t let him see yourself:“Not my active,It is her first.,Then we decide who we think to whom,I wish to gamble。But she seems to have made some illness,Said to consider two days to give me an answer……http://www.seatonhouse.cnYou talk about love?”
The appearance appeared in front of him.。
So two Zhouzhi lying on a bed,Face-to-face。
Zhou I want to turn over。
槐 他 他 不,Stick him:“I will tell me what is going on.?”
When you talk, he regrets。
Such a wonderful picture,He actually missed it because of the bubble.?He thinks it in the morning.,I secretly secretly、Find a place to hide,The result because I wish the nightingale……
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 234 Silly boy
“Don’t leave me is so close……”
“Um?Are you too dislike??”
“I see you when you look at the mirror.,I’m very close.!”I thought about it again.,“When you say that you have used the mirror and daily love, it is secretly touched.,I don’t hide me now.。”
“Sneaken, don’t you know??”
“But I can pretend that I don’t know.。”
http://www.szdwovmbnfegzu.cn “Don’t pull the topic,I will tell me what is going on.,I gave you an analysis and analysis.。”槐 is still close to,Two people are close to。
“Do you talk about love??”Zhou。
“……I can’t afford to fall in love.?”槐 is silent。
“……that’s not what it means。”
“It is only to talk about love to help you analyze?You can’t afford me.?”槐 序 不 气 气,“I will tell you.,I analyzed is the most correct,except me,Is there another male and female people in the world??”
“……”Zhou Zhi transfer topic,“You live for two thousand years.,Haven’t I talk about love??”
“Why do you want to talk about love??”
“Kill time?”
“And male talk or female talk?”
“Look!I can talk to me myself.!”槐 序 说 摆 摆 摆,“And you are too ugly,Also, you and Li Daowei,a little。”
“Why don’t you talk??”
“I have to sleep.。”
“Tell your sleep!”
“okay then。That’s this evening,We stole your green,Staying in the mountains at midnight。After the zero point is my birthday.,Then Nan Ge……”Zhouzhi closed his eyes,Hand ten fingers intersecting in the abdomen,Extremely breathing。
“Then what happened?”