“Yes……”The man bites his teeth.:“I believe our arms,As long as people live,We also have combat power,Chief……”

“good,I see。”
Han Jiang swept the command center,Men is almost hurt,Girls are shrinking in the corner,It is very good to be protected.,It seems that there is no problem。
There are still ten corpses to be placed in the side corner.,Some people who are digging collapsed walls are also watching him because of the arrival of Hanjiang.。
After that,Han Rong arrived in front of the core computer。
The core system is limited by the person in charge,Reverse entropy technology this piece is very good,Can’t do violent crack at all。
If Hanjiang violent crack,The system of the entire base is heavy.。
Han Jiang does not speak more,Connect portable microcomputers and core computers。
Data start transmission,The core computer automatically installs the plugin sent by Tesla。
“This guy is really awkward,Because I am not here.,Remote recovery system takes a point。”Tesla bite his teeth。
The person in charge of each base has great permissions to your own base,It is good to use the core weapon library. Contact Retrograms Headquarters,This is not destroyed by the person in charge of betrayal.。
Otherwise, these ammunitions in the third base are all hit by Ye.,This city living with thousands of people can not be collapsed.,I will have a waste soil in the past 100 years.。
“Then what do I need now??”Han Jiang asked。
Tesla:“You don’t have anything else.,wrong,You go to save the trapped people integrate our strength.!”
Han Jiang looks up to the people of the command center:“Who can fight。”
Fall down,Well, as long as people who can stop standing out。
“Since you can continue to fight,That command center is handed over.。”
“Dr. Tesla has been unlocked core computer,Ten minutes of communication will recover,The task of contacting the base is given to you.。”
“You are familiar with you here.,Can you http://www.tal-intal.cn rescue more battles?,Rely on you!”
When most people shouted,There is also a neat voice.。
Is a little girl。
Han Jiang turned into a circle,Look carefully,Such people have several。
“What are you going??”
A age looks like a soldier who is two or three years old in Hanjiang to look at Hanjiang,Hesitated:“I……I am changing.,For operation here……”
Have the first one,Have a second one。
“I am also changed.,Command center task……”
Cracking incident coming,Such a lot of things have been seen。
But the high-rise rebellion in the machine armor,Base is destroyed more than 30% or more。
Veteran,No matter what kind of problems encounter, go forward,No dare not dare。
Can also mix the newcomers in the class。
The person here is a more excellent talent in the base.,A lot http://www.eversmiling.com.cn of people in some respects is strong than the outside world,But I suddenly encountered such a big thing, I still have a little response.。
“you……Newcomers?”Han Jiang asked the five or six people。
They nodded,Indicates that you may not be able to work next.。
“Ye plus high millions have encountered large collaps,Three bases are damaged,Can you rescue more battle in time?,Integrated power,Save more people,I have seen you.。”
Han Jiang knows,General commanding the central work,Look at a quite position,But when I am busy, I am tired.,Must be highly concentrated,Can’t have any misfortune。
Whether it is an investigation responsible information,Or direct the battle responsible for tactics,Usually there is no error,Not even what this special period is now。
So these new people have the pressure in my heart is normal.,Because they don’t pay a little misunderstanding,It will become a hundred times amplified,More people will die。