"Everything Jieke disk" era, the world is 11.15 Booty Man playing Jianlou online activities will be struck!

Antique market prospect according to the Hurun Research Institute data show Man playing the market is the scale of investment trillion over the next 10 years and more is expected to exceed 6 trillion mark. 2021 Art Basel and UBS Global art market report "shows that in 2020, global sales of works of art and antiques of about $ 50.1 billion, down 22% over 2019.

Art and antiques online sales hit a record high of $ 12.4 billion, twice the previous year, the market value of its share to a record 25%. Dropped significantly increase the global art auction sales of online consumption, and changing consumption patterns in recent years, people are not unrelated. Traditional trading patterns of art is to rely on human or relationship maintenance, channel and brand value in the gallery here also serve as a very important role. This property makes the circle of art resources, especially high-quality resources, can only be in the hands of a few people.

In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic Internet, many of the traditional art trading platform began to actively integrate the Internet online trading.

Low cost, high frequency of consumption, is the most attractive major galleries, auction houses to enter the electricity business market, an important factor. Ai Media Consulting data show that in 2020 China Man playing electric provider market deal size was 163 billion yuan, is expected in 2022 will exceed 400 billion yuan.

The size of the overall industry in 2020 amounted to 6085 million users, is expected to 2023 subscribers will break billion.

In September, world treasure app on the first shot fired art circles looting treasure, opened the online collection of tug of war, only just 10 days time to win with lightning speed of up to 6.89 million deal Forehead! The influence of the Internet has changed the world the success of high-end people’s spending habits, not only to buy luxury goods, the text play collections in terms of breaking the deadlock and allow online finance and investment become the trend of high-end people and even younger public.

Young people in the platform within reach of text to play online transactions, the discovery of the city’s most authentic gas from the reality, but also with text to play this seemingly unpopular, distant category generated connection.

The Man playing electric provider emerging as the text to play the track, similar online scan cargo, Taobao, let Jianlou Man playing the novice spy to be greatly satisfied. In addition to the Chinese collection network, network, and other well-known Art Deco trading platform text to play, Booty world APP, but also to create a work of art + financial system and online and Internet lines, enabling continuous upgrading of cultural industries, creating new works of art exchange trading mode . The original mystical tradition of the art trade, everyone can become involved, and everyone can People First ground gas collection market behavior. November each year more e-commerce industry has become an annual event.

Booty world on November 30, 2021 15 – special report online Jianlou major combat activity secondary trading sessions, as a good buying horses Jianlou heart, providing an opportunity.

Qing Kangxi Qing Hemerocallis disc holding groove type: Ceramic Holding Period: Qing Kanghsi holding imitation Specifications: High: Width: Holding Detail: This disc-shaped structured, open arc wall, ring foot, Taizhi Caine, warm white glaze jade.

TANSEI fine pen, draw Hemerocallis Wanli, flowing lines and vivid. Leaves, stems curved, meandering has caused, seemingly regulatory compliance Nazareth, micro ingenuity has come to know Qiao Win.

Quintana applied glaze cover, delicate strokes quiet, elegant blue and white Seiitsu, Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty imitation Ming Chenghua, the end of the book, "Ming dynasty Chenghua years," the sixth two-line blue kaishu. (One of the activities collection) Colombian Qing dynasty enamel glaze red Panasonic Goldsmith holding a wooden club bottle type: Ceramic Collection Period: imitation Qing dynasty collection Specifications: Height: Width: 10cm Collection Details: straight neck bottles, folding shoulder, abdomen straight, circle foot. Slender shape, well proportioned.

Rounder clear shiny glaze, and Red only see one color painted decoration Panasonic Goldsmith FIG.

Qiu painting exhibition pines, rugged rocks, the entire pattern rigorous composition, clear the screen division unit, to highlight the theme.

Goldsmith vivid look Trolltech, drawing attention to detail, vivid as to when to display share.

Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty imitation, bottom section, "Qianlong year," four words regular script.

(One of the activities collection) collection activities more information, please visit Booty APP world understanding and participation. Man playing electric current platform’s commission up to 30%, which is three times that of traditional electricity supplier platform.

Booty APP The world Jianlou major combat activities in secondary trading special commission to 1%, provided none other benefits as more collections enthusiasts and investors actually support online transactions. Booty world APP platform under the museums and Booty Group’s 13 service companies provide hosting services for the collection, to ensure the safety of art forensic service calls and implementation works of art, but also to ensure that the information collection, transmission, saving all sectors safety. Flat Booty online world of APP introduction of third-party companies secured transactions insurance, banking and high credit line.

In pricing the transaction process, treasure the world is strictly abide by standards of integrity market transactions, not free to raise or belittle the value of the collection of works of art, but to really get the maximum value of art to play for, and increasing the value, scientific legal means for art to do a professional appraisal certification, more effectively protect the rights and interests of collectors.

Future, antiques market on the basis of operating on the store, will pay more attention to online sales, or in combination with from the media.

Throughout the antique market development in recent years, APP, between the live network and other works of art transactions fast, and in the outbreak, the reverse kind of online trading can be described as the outbreak.

It can be said, antiques electricity providers, now is the future trend of development.

Circulating collections but also a manifestation of the tradition of Chinese culture, with a treasure in the world committed to creating art investment industry standards, and create a cultural art exchange trading service platform for the new model, never play in stimulating consumer culture and the cultural heritage of the road stop. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.