Notice! These 8 drug registration certificates are canceled, involving a variety of children, November 17th news (Reporter Door Ting) According to the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration, the State Food and Drug Administration recently issued an announcement, and 8 varieties such as phenolic cavitation granules were canceled.

The announcement shows that according to the relevant provisions of Article 83 of the Pharmaceutical Management Law of the People’s Republic of China, the State Drug Administration organizes the Pediatrial phenolic cofferdrops, ammonia and non-coffee films, compound amino-Biolincellular tablets, ammonia forest Phenolic coffee capsules, ammonia cappuccubic slices, biphenylhydrate cream, children compound aspirin, and ammonia-independent coffee sensories have carried out post-market evaluation.

After evaluation, the State Drug Administration decided to stop the above 8 varieties in my country’s production, sales, use, and cancel the drug registration certificate.

Products have been listed on sale, and the drug listing license holders are responsible for recalling, recalling products are supervised by the provincial drug supervision and management departments or otherwise harmless treatment according to law. The reporter found that Article 83 of the "People’s Republic of China Pharmaceutical Management Law stipulates that drug registration certificates should be logged out of the drug registration certificate for the evaluation, the efficacy, the efficacy, the adverse reaction is large or due to other reasons to harm human health. Drugs that have been logged out of the drug registration certificate shall not be produced or imported, sold and used.

It has been canceled with drug registration certificates, exceeding the validity period, etc., shall be supervised by the drug supervision and management department or take measures such as harmless treatment according to law.