[Audit Hall] Liaoning Provincial Department of Auditor promotes the high-quality development of business environment construction in the reform of the reform and innovation

  The Liaoning Provincial Department of Auditor has always been focused on implementing the provincial party committee, the provincial government on the implementation of the government environmental construction policy measures, and tightening the "venting service" reform to strengthen the audit supervision, and effectively promote the continuous optimization of the Liaoning business environment and promote high quality developing.

  In the near future implementation of national and provincial major policy measures tracking audits, focusing on the implementation of the reduction and tax reduction policy measures in the reform of the reform and innovation, "venting service reform" work promotion and responding to the epidemic support SME The implementation of the production and operation policies. During the audit process, the auditing group visited 17 companies in the reform and innovation demonstration zone, and conducted targeted research on the construction of business environment. It pointed out that the policy measures were implemented, and the process did not match, not supported or mutually constraints. Question, from the construction of institutional mechanism and the actual implementation effect, the comprehensive analysis of the research and proposes rationalization recommendations, and further deepening the audit results, and play the role of auditing.

  Shenssing Reform Innovation Demonstration Zone to delegate the work goal of "good service, good cost, strong cost competitiveness, ecological and livable", and increase reform in system innovation, in practice Form an innovative experience. First, improve the policy system and create a fair competitive market environment. Formed a "implementation plan for the optimization of business environment in Shenfu Demonstration Zone", covering the "venting service" reform and various tasks in the construction of business environment in the past three years, further improve the policy system, strengthen fair and fair supervision, and create Fair competitive market environment. The second is to introduce new work mode and improve the market access mechanism.

The 24 reform initiatives represented by "one industry and one certificate" and "engineering construction project", which have greatly improved the convenience of market access and prize. The third is to stimulate market subjectivity and broaden the channels of government and enterprises.

Standardize the market order, effectively stimulate market subjectivity, market main volume, significant increase in complaints and proposed platforms and mass accepted enterprises and the masses have greatly enhanced, and the market entity has a continuous increase.

  Next, the provincial audit department will further enhance the responsibility awareness of the center, the service overall situation, to promote major policy measures, optimize the business environment as the work goal, and better play the audit supervision and service role, promote the high quality of the Liaoning business environment developing.

Editor in charge: Zhang Bohua.