Yanji City 2020 Education Infrastructure Investment Improvement Quality Education

  In 2020, Yanji City adhered to the balanced development of compulsory education, accelerating the construction of education infrastructure, and the construction projects were progressing well.

Thirteentry kindergarten renderings Yanhe Primary School teaching building renderings, the reporter came to the south side of the Park Road, and the thirteentger in Yanji City, the west side of Yuanchuan Street, and the civil engineering project has been completed, indoor fire, plumbing, The decoration project has ended, and the project enters the winter maintenance phase.

The 13th kindergarten construction area is 6,274 square meters, with a total investment of 25.72 million yuan, started in April 2019, which is expected to be put into use in early 2021, benefiting 240 children.

The construction of the thirteentry kindergarten will relieve the problem of the school-age children to enter the garden, improve the teaching conditions of kindergartens in this area of ??Yanji. The 15th Kindergarten renderings Seventest kindergarten renderings The third high-level middle school effect picture 2020 Twelve, fourteenth kindergarten and other 4 campus construction projects, invested 44.3 million yuan, 4 campus construction projects such as Yanhe Primary School Teaching Building, 36 million yuan, the fifteenth, section 17 Eight new projects such as kindergartens and third high schools have been steadily carried out, and 11 million yuan to complete 37 schools of schools in Henan primary schools.

  The completion and use of these projects will improve the enrollment model of the two-school zone, solve and alleviate the predecessor education stage of Yanji City, and the problem of "enrollment" in the compulsory education phase further promotes the level of education and fully promotes quality education.

(Ji Fangxu).