[With a pioneer model as a mirror] Section Ai Ping: a promise, 15 years unchanged

  Experience is in May last May last year, the river with a length of 1700 meters is dredger, dig deep, broaden, and more than 400 meters of river embankment.

In July, it was not a few days in the completion of the river project, and a heavy rain in more than ten years did not expire, attacked the return village.

The river is dredging, the river embankment is firm, ensuring that more than 100 households on the shore are safe.

The villager Guo Anmin said: "The old section saved us half of the village." "Every year, it is necessary to do an actual thing for the people, and the real thing of the people."

"This is the promise made to the villagers at the beginning of the early APP.

  For the people, they also have a relative of relatives, "not familiar with the family", "Little relatives,", "in Duan Ai, this is a common thing.

Daughter-in-law production, the son Liu Yushu first opened 2000 yuan to the mother. What made my son did not expect that in the morning of the fifteenth day, Duan Ai ran to the son "reminding", let the son have remembered the "hatred".

Later, Liu Ya, knew that the mother reminded that she bought the building materials in the absence of the old school.