Zhongqing Net Review: Flood control and relief is hard war, the wind is full of rain

  At present, the country has entered the flood season, and extreme weather is frequent, and there are more heavy rainfalls in the south, and some areas have suffered severe flood disasters.

Flood control and relief is "a big thing", it is related to the safety of people’s lives and property, and it is related to economic and social development. Prime Minister Li Keqiang, presided over July 8, presided over the State Council’s executive meeting. One of the topics is to deploy further flood control and relief work and promote major water conservancy projects.

  Life is more than Taishan, the people’s interests are higher than everything. Do a good job in flood control and relief work is a serious struggle to defend the lives and property of the people. "Life First" – Among the conferences, the four words of the four words have a sound, and once again, it highlights the value orientation of the country.

After different levels of flood disasters in the Jiangxi Bureau, Nanchang, Jiujiang, Jingdezhen and other land rescue teams put into battle, rescued seven thousand people in the evacuation of the masses; in Zhejiang Changxing, the party member volunteer rescue team members involved in the dam, built "Water Great Wall" in Hubei; in Hubei Huanggang, the police and soldiers of Huanggang Detachment, Huanggang Detachment, Hubei Corps, urgently transferred the trapped person, and the mp country brings the most sense of security to the people … do not give up any of the corners that may be forgotten, There is a good hope to pay 100% effort, "life-supreme" concept has the most vivid portrayal in the wind and rain. The more dangerous things, the more you test the ability to disaster prevention and mitigation; the more you eat, the more you have the fighting power of the majority of party members and cadres. The meeting emphasized that "consolidating the responsibility of all parties, the responsible persons of all levels should sink one line, strengthen the monitoring warning, and strengthen coordination.

"From" Give Me "to" I will go to me ", putting flood prevention and disaster relief as a tributite and grinding stone to practice the initial mission, in order to guide the masses to participate in the participation, form a powerful synergy of defense, the new Anjiang Reservoir opened 9 wells More than 700 party members and volunteers organized by local streets, fully investment into the flood control of the city defense project; in order to lay a good job, the railway department sanks the cadres and workers to all flood control package, the bright red party flag is always fluttering in the first String.

Flood control and relief is a hard war, the wind is in the wind. .

In front of the water, they are custom sea, but also the middle flow.

  Water love is the national condition, and the water is suffering.

From history, you can draw experience. The Dajiang Da River has both hope of life, and also has the risk of natural disasters.

In the flood season, it has been flooding from the rivers and floods.

Only seize the focus, and can break all over. The meeting pointed out that "earnestly do the flood prevention work in the Dajiang Dahe Basin, strengthen the flood control, small and medium-sized reservoirs and urban flood flood" in small and medium-sized rivers. China’s water system is rich, in addition to most parts of the South still have heavy rainfall, according to foreigners, the next rain zone will be raised, many unfavorable factors are superimposed, and there is more importance of "defending the territory".

Implement flood prevention inspection system, increase the risk of investment insurance, hidden in invisible, destroy the crisis in germination – on a thousand miles of rivers, countless individuals are the key to determining the trend of flood prevention and disaster relief. Adhere to the front line to make a more scientific arrangement, more powerful measures, so that the irreversible disaster of nature is reduced to the smallest – such steel is responsible, showing "the soldiers will block, water to hide the soil" Watch. Ming people are far from failing, and the wise people avoid invisible. Flood control and relief is the current test of emergency management, and the prospect of the layout of system engineering. Major water conservancy works, removing water, has always been a big event of governing the country. The meeting studied the construction arrangements for 150 major major water conservancy projects this year and requested to promote construction, promoting expanding effective investment, and enhancing the ability to defense water and drought disasters.

This year, the rainfall rainfall is large. The long water level is high, which is rare in recent years. This is also warned that we will speed up the development of water conservancy reform, and the major water conservancy project is related to the management of the middle and downstream systems, "major" two words are already Display its weight. "Not a rain" is a simple Chinese methodology, and the construction of major water conservancy projects is to start, go to the safe, and let the mountain river are innocent. (Xie Weifeng).