Erlianhot City: Solidly promote party history learning education to promote port high quality development

  Since the development of party history, Erlianhot City has completed the fundamental task of "learning party history, understanding, doing practical things, opening new bureaus", sound organization, careful deployment, co-ordination arrangement, stipulates that there is highlight, and the party is characteristic, party History learning education is advanced, the atmosphere is strong, highlights, the city’s party history education is implemented, high quality promotion, and promotes high quality development of ports.

  Innovative Party History Learning Effectively Enhances the Effect of Learning Education May 31, Erlingshot City Party History Learning Education Night School Class, a red poetry reading will be held here, and the powerful reading sounds, the red story is infected with the scene Every party member. The Party School of the Municipal Party Committee of the Erlingshao Municipal Party Committee, the party branch of the Municipal Party Committee, the Party Branch of the Equity and Vegetable Import and Export Park, jointly launched the "Red Century and Poetry" Theme Recitation Activities, guiding the majority of party members to review the revolutionary process and carry forward the revolutionary spirit. Wu Zhiru, the party branch of the Double Hohhot, the party, the Double Hoji City, the secretary of the party branch, Wu Zhul, who has been studying in the Jinggangshan Cadre College, showing a firm belief that the grassroots party member will always follow the party, inspiring each A party member does not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, always with the party. Take more flexible forms to grasp the party history education, the party history of the party has become a new platform carrier for the contradiction of the Crack of Erlingshot. The party history night school launched a class award, a book, a book, a discussion Mistake, two promotion, two improvement.

  The city fully exerts the role of grassroots party organizations, innovation forms, rich content, and launches "Forever and Party", and improve the participation of mass participation through literary performances, flash video, watching red movies. Opening the party history night school, opening the "Party Shiwei Classroom" "Party History Knowledge Meng Meng and Answers" "Turbo Sign Motion Daily Question" and other columns, organize the "Party history learning education to know the knowledge pocket book" " Party history learning education should know 100 questions "" Drain the Chinese National Community Consciousness Assistance Learning Materials "More than 3,300 party members in the city Further, further strengthen the development of learning to ensure the orderly education of party history.

  Party history learning to seek real results to open the people’s livelihood without small things, and a leaf of context. Erlingshot City relies on platforms such as the New Times Civilization Practice Center, with volunteer service as the main form, carry out various forms of "I do practical things for the masses" volunteer service activities.

9 New Times Civilization Practice, 13 new era civilization practice stations combined with their own reality, combining party history learning education with solving practical problems, combined with the masses to do real solutions.

Start the city, "You have difficulty you are looking for me, I am a party member, I will help you" new era civilization practice volunteer service activities, fully rely on the new era civilization practice command dispatch platform, increase the promotion of use, there are currently 36 team registration.

  The city’s grassroots party organizations collect 205 suggested opinions through the "three questions" activities, including 88 key people’s livelihood issues. In response to the historical legacy of the real estate field, build a one-stop service system, realize the "zero-sports legs" of the office, accumulating 2111 household rights certificates, responding to the people’s expectations with practical actions. In response to the problem of solving the meal of the farmer’s businesses, Sai Sui is launched "Agricultural Territories Works" and implements parity. The city is currently working on 27 key people’s livelihood, and there are more than 10,000 people.

  Since the study of the party history, the party history is promoted to the port high-quality development party history, and the two-Lianhot city will open the whole country to the north as the primary political task, implement the new development concept, improve the infrastructure, build a carrier platform, and build first-class The environment, promoting cooperation and win-win, developing themselves in the integration and service overall situation, and strives to get out of a high-quality development path of ecological priority, green development – oriented.

  On the morning of May 30, the Chinese European class filled with auto parts, home appliances and daily necessities, drove out of the Erlingshot Railway Store, and sent to Hamburg, Germany. This is the 1000th column of Erlinte’s entry and exit this year since this year. The Erlingshot Port is the bridgehead, which is open to the north, is an important commodity import and export area of ??my country. It has reached 47 in the China-European class running line. During the education of party history, Erlianhot City will ensure that China-European class is quickly passing as a major political task, and continues to implement specialist booking customs clearance, procedures, limited time to issue and first post-departure, etc., customs clearance, resources, optimization Process, continuous improvement of China-European customs clearance speed. Select more than 100 party members to enter the Erlian Hoi Value Service Hall, integrate "Internet + Government Service", improve the efficiency of work, and make the masses to do more convenient, the people are happy.

  In the education of party history, according to the major strategic needs of the service, serve the new development pattern of the two cycles, the economic development of the regional pan-port, strive to build the logistics hub of Eurasia International Channel and participate in the domestic international dual cycle strategy. Highlands, promoting the power engine, foreign trade transformation and upgrading of the extensive foreign trade, the open platform of resource elements, and the important window of civilized image.

(Reporter Bayes Gogie correspondent Zhang Xiaoqin) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze).