During the epidemic, the price is serious, will be held criminal

  In response to the phenomenon of the price abnormal fluctuation during the epidemic, Yinchuan City Market Supervision Department issued an announcement to severely crack down on the price of price, hoarding, etc. All merchants and operators may not raise basic people’s livelihood products such as grain and oil meat variable milk related to the masses and drugs, masks, disinfection and sterilization products, related medical equipment and other epidemic prevention products.

Such behavior severely interfere with the prevention and control of the epidemic, and it is subject to administrative penalties.

  On November 7, Zheng Wei, a lawyer of Ningxia Huaiyuan Law Firm, told reporters that during the epidemic prevention, some unscrupulous merchants and operators took the opportunity to raise their prices, disrupt the normal market order, and seriously affected the anti-epidemic epidemic prevention. Merchants and operators lift their prices suspected of violating national relevant administrative regulations and criminal laws, they will be subject to administrative punishment or criminal punishment.

According to Article 52 of the "Emergency Regulations for Public Health Emergency Regulations, the price of prices during the emergence, disrupting the market order, and the administrative department of the industrial and commercial administration shall be given administrative penalties according to law, constitute a crime, and investigate criminal responsibility according to law.

For operators, the price of merchants, the administrative organs can administrate administrative punishment according to the "Prices and illegal administrative punishment provisions" of the People’s Republic of China. During the prevention and control of the epidemic, the criminal responsibility should be investigated for the suspected illegal business crimes.

According to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Supreme People’s Court "is the interpretation of the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the relevant provisions of the criminal cases of the criminal cases such as hurting prevention, control of sudden infectious diseases, etc., according to illegal business, penalties according to law. If the circumstances are serious, there is more than five years of imprisonment or criminal detention, and there is more than five times the following five times or more, and the plot is particularly serious. It is more than five years of imprisonment, and it is more than five times the following five times. Fine or confiscated property.

  At the same time, criminal responsibility should be investigated by illegal business crimes, and there should be evidence that the operators have the case of rising prices, and the behavior of profiteering and prices have increased significantly. Operators, merchants violate the state-related market operations, price management, etc. In the judgment of "greatly improved", it is generally determined by the price sensitivity of the items issued by the item according to the law, and the impact of the prevention and control or basic people’s livelihood order, etc., comprehensively considers.

  In the case of the epidemic, if there is illegal acts such as illegal prices and other illegal activities, they can call 12345, 12315, 0951-4120315. (Editor: Zhao Mo, Tolerance) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.