Give new people to "sintchao"! This special wedding is well received

  "Law enforcement is fair and fair. Today, my friends and family are on the scene. I hope that through this way, I will get everyone’s support, and strive to make the people to handle every case, everything can feel fair. Justice. "After receiving a gift, Yu Dingzhong gave a commitment at the scene. "For us, this gift is both an integrity message. It is also a personal responsibility. As a family member of the law enforcement cadres, in the future life, I will take the lead in honesty and self-discipline, cultivate good home, and work hard When ‘supervisor’ of ‘8 hours,’ supervisor ‘, always reminds supervision of loyalty to clean officers, integrity law enforcement.

"Yan Shuzhen also filled with emotion.

  Give a new person to the "Qingfeng brand", the form is novel, and it is impressive.

To celebrate the wedding of the day, Wu Ziwen said, "It not only reminds law enforcement people to cherish the job, cherish the family happiness, but also let our loved ones and friends are not easy, we will continue to support Dingzhong’s law enforcement work." Measures, both warnings, more realistic needs.

  Not long ago, in the account of the bureau, suddenly had a transfer of two thousand yuan.

After returning and reporting, the player "reverse" looks at the "one-family" information, and the discovery is a violation of the household in its jurisdiction. "He tried to use this way to relax the supervision requirements. Decide the purpose of illegal.

"Deputy director of the bureau said that the similar situation is not a small." "Give new people to the new people ‘, not only to thank the families have always been understanding and supporting our law enforcement work, I hope they can give full play to the role of household .

"Xie Shandong said, this is one of the bureau to carry out innovation initiatives in the" clean government ".