China Mobile Science and Technology Museum 10 years away from more than a thousand counties

  According to Xinhua News Agency (Reporter Wen Jinghua) this year is the 10th anniversary of the implementation of China Mobile Science and Technology Museum.

The reporter learned from the China Science and Technology Museum that, in the past 10 years, the project has distributed 566 scientific exhibition resources, and the 4682 station in 1888 county-level administrative districts across the country, serving the public 100 million, and promoting science public services are remarkable. The mobile science and technology museum is a free scientific education service provided by the public in the county-level region where the national science and technology museum, the scientific education resources is not yet built, and a small science and technology museum will be sent to the public "Home". Each exhibition contains approximately 60 popular science interactive exhibits, and 3 to 3 months can be received every one to 3 months. China Mobile Science and Technology Museum is deployed by China Science and Technology Association, and the China Science and Technology Museum is implemented. The project has been launched in September 2011. It has brought a science and technology museum interactive experience in the county public to a certain extent, which makes up for the state of the county municipal cities science education resources and the development imbalance of urban and rural education resources. In order to promote public science services fair, improve the scientific qualities of all people play a role.

  The relevant person in charge of the China Science and Technology Museum introduced that during the "13th Five-Year Plan", the project provided 2 scientific and technological exhibition services in more than 90% of the counties in the country, and the number of public people in the provinces is equivalent to a provincial large-scale physical technology. The museum, 95% of the county-level primary and secondary school students visited the exhibition of the mobile science and technology museum, basically realized the goal of "wide coverage, sustainable, series".

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