Guangzhou vocational graduates college entrance examination enrollment ratio of nearly eight percent

  Recently, Guangdong Province in 2022 ordinary college entrance end, the Guangzhou Daily reporter learned that a lot of Guangzhou city vocational school student enrollment fiery, successful registration accounted for nearly 80% of the proportion of graduating students, which reflects their wish to enter colleges and universities to continue their studies, but also to the country some students get through the more open the entrance channel.

  It is understood, Guangzhou Tianhe IT vocational schools, with and under Tangxi three campuses and a total enrollment of students the college entrance examination 1779 people.

Wherein the single test a single stroke (Higher-containing adapter thirty-two segment) register 892, 3 + 885 certificate enrollment examination, general category (physical) a person, a person art. Guangzhou Light Industry Vocational school successfully participate in the number of students taking college entrance examination, a total of 785, as% of college graduates. Apply "3+ certificate" There are 525 students who participated in a single test single recruit students have 260 people, including 56 children or wife. Guangzhou data directly reflects the strong desire of vocational school students take the exam.

There are school enrollment and employment leader told reporters in recent years in the post graduate studies showed a gradual strong demand, schools take all measures to ensure the smooth entry entrance everyone. Such as the establishment of a special working group interpreted to apply relevant policies to students and parents through various channels, by the students and parents alike; apply for additional equipment, smooth and efficient network, open enrollment venues; the practice field service companies to facilitate students to apply for internships Wait.

  It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Guangzhou a few schools offer classes outside the common entrance examination, different general vocational graduates and high school graduates attended college entrance examination, a college entrance examination in spring, a summer college entrance examination, entrance channel more abundant. The first is to participate in "3 + Certificate" exam, can enroll in college or undergraduate.

Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province colleges and universities conducted in the spring to recruit graduates of vocational Examination (referred to as "3 + Certificate" exam), for secondary vocational school graduates (including vocational high school, adult secondary, technical schools) enrollment. Candidates to participate in the province’s unified culture examination subjects, including language, mathematics, English three subjects, the implementation of the province’s unified proposition, unified examination. 2022 "3+ Certificate" examination time for the 2022 January 5 to 6.

  Guangdong Province since 2018, in part to carry out application-oriented institutions enroll their counterparts in secondary vocational school graduates pilot (hereinafter referred to as "vocational bachelor"). "Vocational bachelor" pilot entrance examination, into the "3+ Certificate" exam conducted in the spring. Candidates are required to obtain the corresponding professional skills course certificate and participate in the province’s cultural unity Examination by the admissions institutions and self-organizing vocational skills test. Second, it is to participate in vocational through thirty-two segments, may enroll in college.

A pilot vocational colleges and secondary vocational schools, the joint industry enterprises to jointly develop an integrated five-year training plan.

Junior high school graduates enrolled in a separate series of classes, first enrolled in vocational schools for three years, in line with the assessment of the conditions and requirements of the transfer section, enter their counterparts in the corresponding professional learning vocational colleges 2 years. Turn segment examination by the lead pilot vocational colleges for vocational schools mouth, taken to carry out the process of assessment methods.

  Candidates can also participate in vocational colleges own entrance examination for vocational school graduates can enroll in college.

To participate in vocational colleges exemption admission, enroll in college. Participate in adult college entrance examination, self-examination.

  In addition, the Ministry of Education to guide the country into full play the role of the provincial level, the implementation of classification exam vocational colleges to explore the implementation of "vocational college entrance examination" system, will in due course the experience of Shandong, Jiangxi, etc. to promote the country.