Integrity 315 seven -year weight management brand Duyan thin won credit enterprise award

On the day, Duyan Slimming () Co., Ltd. was strictly reviewed by the national enterprise integrity public service desk and professional corporate credit rating agency Beijing PwC International Credit Evaluation Co., Ltd., and was awarded the authoritative certification of AAA -level credit enterprises. ) Co., Ltd. was unanimously recognized by the market and professional institutions. The healthy slimming market has gradually accumulated more than 200 million loyal slimming fans. The authoritative AAA -level credit enterprise certification is not only affirmed by the promoters and practitioners of Duoyan Slimming () Co., Ltd. for many years, but also an incentive for the future development of Duyan Slim (). High -quality raw materials are provided by Park Shixun with a core formula, developing a series of body management products covering fat -reducing shaping, nutritional meals, and light -skinned beauty. Taking Duyan Slim Enzyme SOSO Jelly Enzyme as an example, the R & D team creates a variety of flavors suitable for contemporary young people, making the user experience richer.

It is more suitable for young people under the current rhythm of social rhythm. Eating some multi -swallow skin enzymes while reducing fat can effectively help us excrete the stool in the body, better help the crowd digestion and weight loss, so that people are invisible to be invisible In one of the healthiest and most reasonable ways to become beautiful and thinner. Editor in charge: KJ005.