Beijing -Hebei Coordinated Powding is "flowers" to get rich like "flowers"

Original title: Beijing -Hebei Coordinated Plaza "Flower" Rich Road Yongqing County undertakes many flower markets in Beijing to form a flower planting industry gathering area. A number of flower markets such as Huaxiang, Jinqi Tree, and Flower Fragrance Source began to decompose.

Yongqing County seized this favorable opportunity and brought into play its own advantages in adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin. Through industrial guidance, policy support, and building platforms, it took over the Beijing flower industry to relieve the interrelation of the Beijing flower industry and form a gathering area of ??the flower planting industry.

After more than three years of hard work, at present, the Hengmei International Flower Market, which is focused on the "Flower Exhibition and Sales Center" composed of 60,000 square meters of greenhouses and a 2000 -square -meter logistics storage area composed of 60,000 square meters.

The flower market has attracted more than 300 Beijing flower merchants to settle in, operating more than 1,700 flowers such as Phalaenopsis, orchids, and more than 2 million daily transactions. The sales area covers northeast, North China, and Northwest, with an annual transaction value of 5 billion yuan.

The location advantage is outstanding. Recently, the Beijing merchants have found a new development space. Affected by the epidemic, the Hengmei International Flower Market, located in Longhuzhuang Township, Yongqing County, has not yet officially opened to the public. Under the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic, only the surrounding people alone are alone. You can visit the garden.

"Although the sales are not comparable to the year ago, we can also be content with a part of the income every day. You can see flowers blooming every day. I come to their own shops every day at a fixed time, watering, fertilizing, and trimming. Earlier, Lian Weipeng operated flowers in Beijing Huaxiangyuan Market, and moved the flower shop to Yongqing in 2018. After entering Hengmei International Flower Huadu Market, with the support of three -year lease -free and logistics subsidies, Lian Weipeng’s flowers operation quickly entered the right track.

In his opinion, Yongqing is very close to Beijing, and the customer relationship accumulated for many years will not be much affected.

"Yongqing’s shop area is more than before, and more importantly, there are outdoor land that can be used.

Outdoor land is very important for flowers to cultivate flowers. For example, I have never been raised in Beijing, and I quickly bloomed red pink and yellow flowers in Yongqing.

"The merchant Gao Yan had previously been in the Beijing Golden Qishu Flower Market, and it focused on Phalaenopsis and chrysanthemums.

At the end of 2018, she moved the flower shop to Yongqing.

Gao Yan introduced that her shop area in Beijing is only 80 square meters, and a large amount of seedlings cannot be placed due to small space. In Yongqing, her shop area was upgraded to 200 square meters, but the rent was much cheaper than the original.

At present, Gao Yan has also leased more than one acre of outdoor land to breed lotus, water lilies and other varieties. "The business has expanded, and my development space in Yongqing is even greater.

"In Yongqing, Hebei Hengdu Meiye Modern Agricultural Park built by Hengdumei Group opened in May 2010. Initially, it mainly planted greenhouse vegetables and provided Beijing’s hospitals and supermarkets. When we learned that the flower markets such as Beijing Flower Xiangyuan should retreat, Yongqing County promptly established the "Jingnan Yongqing Flower Trading Center to promote special classes" to guide the transformation and upgrading of the park, develop the flower planting industry, and undertake Beijing merchants. "2018." 2018. "2018. In the year, we invested hundreds of millions of yuan to build a flower market consisting of high -end continuous greenhouses and logistics storage areas. "Wu Asia said that Yongqing’s geographical location is superior. There are Jingtai Expressway and Capital Ring Road Expressway in the domain. Beijing -Germany Expressway has high -speed exports in Yongqing. In addition, Yongqing is only more than 20 kilometers from Beijing Daxing International Airport. For the high -end flowers of transportation, this is also a favorable condition. During the epidemic, Hengdumei Modern Agricultural Park actively creates a "Internet+flower" model, carried out cloud docking, cloud signing, cloud investment merchants and other activities to help merchants develop the market and establish the establishment of the market, establishment The live broadcast team helps merchants to broaden sales channels. In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic, the park also specially developed the Hengmei Huadu APP, and one by one to the offline market and updated the products in a timely manner, so that consumers can easily visit the flower market online. Since April, Hengmei International Flower Flower Market has launched the anti -killing work in advance. "Now, it will eliminate the flower market and the whole area of ??the park twice every morning in the afternoon, and make preparations to ensure that the park can be officially opened at any time. "Wu Asia said.

Build a community of interests of enterprises, flower merchants, and flower farmers, and walk out of the richer and beautiful rural revitalization roads from Beijing to Yongqing. Beijing flower merchants have found new development space.

For more than three years, they have not only made their flowers business in the water, but also driven many Yongqing farmers to transform to engage in flower management, and promote the upgrading of Yongqing’s agricultural industry structure. Jiang Ruimei in Luojiaying Village, Longhuzhuang Township has mastered vegetable grafting technology. In the past, she mainly relied on zero workers to maintain their livelihoods. In order to make more money, they often needed to work in other places. After the completion of Hengmei International Flower Flower Market, many Beijing merchants have settled in, and flowers have become more and more popular. Jiang Ruimei was envious and began to try to engage in flower operation. After hard work, Jiang Ruimei quickly learned the technology of flower planting. Now, she leases a nearly 300 square meter stall in the flower market, mainly selling Phalaenopsis. "Phalaenopsis can be sold throughout the year, especially during the Spring Festival. After the transfer, I don’t need to go out to work, and the income is several times higher than before." Like Jiang Ruimei, Zhou Qingtao in the former Liu Guanying Village also used to be before. Life by working. After the flower market was completed, Zhou Qingtao leased the 7 acres of land at home to the park, and could have more than 10,000 yuan in rental income each year. Zhou Qingtao is a careless person. Through learning, he gradually figured out the doorway of flower management. He and his wife rented a booth of more than 200 square meters in the boutique museum in the flower market. There is a head. Liu Tie in Xinzhuang Village, Wawu, entered the flower industry in 2012. Initially, he only bought some flowers and pots from the market, and then walked on the streets to sell. Beijing merchants settled in the Flower Market of Hengmei International Flowers, allowing him to see greater business opportunities.

In 2020, Liu Tie rented more than 10 acres of land in Bengmei Village in Beimeng, and built five high -standard flowers to grow greenhouses. Now, by planting flowers for merchants in the flower market, he can have more than 300,000 yuan in net income each year.

According to Guan Zhenhe, chairman of Hengdumei Group, relying on Hengmei International Flower Huadu Flower Industry, the group innovatively developed "Hengdumei+Village Street+Planting Cooperative+Flower Merchants+Plantors" model. Drive 11 village streets such as Liu Guanying, Qiandian, Majiaying, etc. to develop flowers planting, build 42 greenhouses, flowers and Chinese herbal medicine planting bases, drive about 2,000 farmers, absorb approximately 1,500 people in the surrounding farmers, and realize households to achieve households. The average annual income is 12,000 yuan. In practice, Hengdumei Group is responsible for providing technical support, displaying the market and marketing market, and necessary funding support. The village street is responsible for integrating land and policy support. Plant cooperatives are responsible for integrating farmers and expanding reproduction. Growers provide the planting flower products based on the order.

Through the development of the flowers industry, the construction of village streets and villagers obtained labor income, land rent, cooperative dividends, and village street income, which realized the mutual promotion of enterprises and village streets. Demonstration of demonstration. Driven by flower transactions, more than 4,000 acres of flower planting bases have formed in the village streets around Longhuzhuang Township.

Guan Zhenhe said that Hengdumei Group will continue to optimize and improve the industrial chain based on the flower industry, and accelerate the construction of comprehensive flower industry bases including seedlings research and development, seedling, planting, and online and offline transactions. (Reporter Ma Yanming) (Responsible editor: Shang Fan, Fu Zhaoyu) Share let more people see recommended reading.