Country Garden Service announced the performance of 2021: revenue reached 28.84 billion yuan

On March 29, Country Garden Service (Share Code 🙂 released its annual performance in 2021. During the reporting period, Country Garden services achieved steady growth: revenue, a year -on -year increase of%, and net profit increased by%year -on -year.

In terms of income composition, Country Garden services continue to expand the core advantages of property management services and gradually exert scale benefits.

During the reporting period, Country Garden’s service contract management area was 100 million square meters.

As of December 31, 2021, property management service revenue contributed 100 million yuan, a year -on -year increase of%. Country Garden services simultaneously promoted the national balanced layout and professional development in 2021.

Community value -added services, urban services, commercial operation services/business writing services have become a new engine that drives sustainable growth in addition to basic property services.

Show the development of the income structure is diversified and balanced. Urban services continue to maintain steady growth and achieve revenue of 100 million yuan during the year, covering more than 150 cities. At present, Country Garden Service has formed the three core businesses of urban municipal services, urban space operations, and urban community governance in the urban service sector. Development continues to transport high -quality talents. In 2021, Country Garden Service continued the "Future Plan" launched in 2020, and continuously introduced composite talents. In the future, the introduction and cultivation of new talents will also be accelerated, and "talent" will help the sustainable development of enterprises and industries.

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