The dazzling white light suddenly rising,Let the ground tremble,Twist,Cracked,Surging。

The temperature is rising,Hot biting。I don’t know how long after,The world restarts from the pause button。
A dragon man awoke in severe pain,The eyes are blurred,Very strange,Why can I only hear the sound of the burning world。
That burnt stench,Means that everything has been ignited,This dragon man is struggling to stand up,He is a controller,Originally responsible for the monitoring of a certain rocket command parameter in the magnificent control hall,Why i am here,In the control center?Where’s the building?
The dragon staggered a bit,Raise your head vigorously,Look around,The city,It’s like falling into a black and white mire——
The control center building broke his waist,Black thorns grew in his body,Not one,But a piece,Endlessly spreading to the sky far away,The white walls are like graffiti printed with a personal shape of charcoal。
The sound of an engine came vaguely,The dragon man subconsciously looked,The car continues to move forward by inertia,Skeleton passengers curled up in the car。
There are some survivors like him walking blankly on the street,Someone fell,Didn’t get up,Gradually stopped moving。
The sky gradually started to rain black,The rain formed puddles under my feet,The thinking of the dragon man began to crumble,He never thought about finding a place to shelter from the rain,Rain on the body,There is a slight tingling and tingling sensation,He squatted down,Reflected a bone。
In a while,Wind is coming,Blow away the surface of the city。
Longren civilization’s aerospace technology also failed to make breakthroughs due to power issues,So they can only launch rockets when the asteroid is close to the earth.,A large-yield nuclear bomb carried by a rocket strikes an asteroid at close range,This also means,They only have one chance,Failed,Is destruction。
Yang Pingfan has surpassed the decarbonized life form,Transform into energy life,To help the other self and Li Lan who lived in the Cretaceous back,He cut off part of the energy to create Crusu’s Ark and tore open time and space,Energy is his life form,Cutting the body energy with such a big action,Has greatly damaged his life。First Literature Network
Now Yang Pingfan wants to reverse time and space back to the original track,And use his own life matter to create super lightning,The rocket launched to destroy the dragon civilization,And dump a large amount of unformed energy on the rocket launch site and control center,Use a thunderstorm to create a big explosion no less than a nuclear explosion,Destroy the dragon man’s backup completely。
to this end,Yang Pingfan also paid the price,The remaining energy finally cannot support his life form,The observer on earth,High-dimensional energy life that has survived for billions of years,Finally came to an end,His body was broken and disintegrated in the world of information invisible to the naked eye,No longer exists。
I learned that my last life-saving straw was burnt to dust,Dragon civilization is plunged into madness。
The previous news of the extinction of the world has already suppressed despair in the dragon people’s hearts,A unified world government was established in a short time,To build the rocket,Every dragon has paid a lot,But now it’s a void,The news of failure dropped a spark into the powder keg,Burn out desperate madness in an instant。