and so,The current dragon leader can only be like the ancient woodcutter,Cut branches with an axe。

Busy for more than an hour,My body just got a little warm,The leader of the dragon man collected two large bundles of firewood,He tied up the wood with rope,Took another steel pipe as a pole,Just like this……
City ruins after heavy snow,It feels extremely quiet,The world seems to be bleak and white,There is only a whistling sound from the wind。
The dragon leader feels that the heat in his body is being quickly blown away by the cold wind,From limbs to nerves to senses are almost numb,Did not eat breakfast,The body cannot get energy replenishment,Being hungry and cold made him dizzy,Just relying on instinct, stepping on the snow and carrying the burden, walking back。
Until he accidentally noticed a metallic flash on the corner,So that the frozen mind suddenly started to work again,Be alert in a moment。
however,At this time,For the dragon leader,Everything is too late。
First470chapter Kunlun Mountain and Queen Mother of the West
Accompanied by flames from the muzzle,A hot bullet came,As a dragon man who led some survivors out of the underground shelter,The leader of the dragon is not only superior in knowledge and strategy,Physical fitness is also first-class,It’s a pity that there is no breakfast,Plus it blows in the cold wind for a long time,Not only numbs his nerves,And numb his body。
The dragon leader actually saw the gun aimed at him,But the body is as heavy and unresponsive as lead,Just before he had time to escape,A large caliber、The irregularly shaped earthen bullet penetrated his abdomen。
next moment,Because of this shock,The dragon leader’s body bent into a bow and flew to the rear,Fell heavily in the snow……
The pole and the firewood were dropped on the ground.,Warm blood gushes out from the wound in the abdomen like a fountain,In the blink of an eye, a large swath of white snow was dyed red。
Fatal pain,Let the dragon leader almost lose the ability to move in an instant,despite this,He was still struggling to pull out the pistol from his waist to fight back,But in the next moment,He was hit hard on the head by a wooden stick,Finally, he fainted unwillingly。
then,Two tattered and lost,Dirty,Refugees like moving garbage dumps,Jumped out excitedly,I looked around the dragon man a few times,One of them drew a dagger from his waist,“……Well done,You can have a big dragon stew tonight!”
But another refugee stopped him,“……and many more!brothers,Now is not the time to do this kind of thing!Have you forgotten what we are here for??It’s a serious matter to follow the boss to attack the stronghold by the river!It is said that there are a lot of potatoes,Have cookies、Flour and canned,There are women!If we delay time here,Go late,The good stuff in there should be robbed by others!”
“……makes sense,Ugh,Just put this live meat here for now!Hope when we come back,Don’t take the wild dog away……”
then,These two dirty and smelly refugees,I just touched the pistol and axe of the dragon leader,Casually pulled a piece of rotten cloth as a rope,Tie him up,Turned around and walked along the street,Leaving the dragon man lying in the snow that was stained with blood, fend for himself……