Gu Duowei didn’t want to offend Emperor Lei,So I invited Abandoned Jianzi to the conference hall,Ask Qijianzi:“Your disciple Lei Tianzi wants to go to the Outland Battlefield,What do you think about this?”

“This is easy,Just let him pay a thousand Xianxia Dan。”The method proposed by Qi Jianzi made Gu Duowei very speechless。
It’s a good way to pay Xianxia Dan,As a rule,But in the future everyone will need to pay one thousand Xianxia Dan,Can anyone get it out??That is, an alchemy master like Lei Tianzi can get it out without frowning.,The same conditions are definitely not good for others。
At last,Gu Duowei decided to let Emperor Lei pay ten Xianxia Dan,This is an exception。
Emperor Lei is going to the Outland Battlefield,A lot of people taken away,Tai Piao of the Fang Ting Lin School and his cold-blooded members will take it,Even the son-in-law Sun Kangfu and the righteous daughter Sun Kangxi、Those who don’t live much longer have to be brought along。
How to take these people away is a problem,Finally, negotiate with Chen Yingui, the head of Fangtinglin School,Chen Yingui expelled Tai Piao and others from Fangtinglin School,Then join Jiansu Gate under the operation of Lei Tianzi,After such a conversion,It’s in line with the rules,But Chen Yingui took the opportunity to ask for twelve Xianxia Dan,This number is the result of bargaining by Qijuan,Both Lei Tianzi and Chen Yingui can accept it。
After this incident,Shang Wanyu understands that there is really a problem between Qijuan and Lei Tianzi,And it can break the bond of emotion without distance,I’ll give up Qijuan in a few days,That is to dissolve the marriage contract,It still depends on the face of Jiansu Gate,Shang Wanyu knows he can’t afford to provoke Jiansu Gate,So he gave Lei Tianzi a worthy face。
According to the rules of the earth,Qijuan, this is a divorced female fairy,It is an unknown sign in the realm of cultivation,Unlucky woman,But Lei Tianzi misses old feelings,Don’t dislike Qijuan’s historical experience,Accepted as a maid around,Which is an outer room,No name for marriage contract,But there is the reality of marriage,This can be regarded as an explanation to Qijuan,Can’t let Qijuan a woman bear the pain of a failed marriage?!
More than a year has passed since the implementation of this series of things,The sergeants of Team Lei and Team Tian are actively preparing for battle,Produced a mountain of magnetic talisman and the third nucleic acid drug。
The most reluctant Lei Tianzi to walk is the master abandoned the sword,The alchemy of abandoned Jianzi has made rapid progress in the past few years,Despite being scolded by Lei Tianzi for stupid,But the results are outstanding,This is a real benefit,Qi Jianzi’s hands are not so nervous anymore。
Everything is fake,Only money is real。
Abandoning Jianzi is a little worried,A special order to let the disciples of the two powerful kings follow to protect the personal safety of Lei Tianzi,Yi Jiayi,Is a female fairy over a thousand years old,One is Wang Qinglin,Also a female fairy,Is also over a thousand years old。
Generally speaking,People who can cultivate to the realm of the king’s domain at the age of a thousand are excellent.,Many people need a thousand years to cultivate to the infancy period,From the infancy period to the realm of the powerful king,Most of the immortal cultivators fell halfway,Able to cultivate to the realm of the king’s domain,therefore,Yi Jiayi and Wang Qinglin are both proud disciples of Abandoned Jianzi,Superb swordsmanship,Got master’s true biography。
As the most popular disciple Lei Tianzi can’t even make a sword,It’s also an odd number,What Qi Jianzi still values is Lei Tianzi’s alchemy,There is no time to teach Lei Tianzi to practice sword。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Fourteen Outland Battlefield
Before leaving,Lei Tianzi said to Qi Jianzi:“After i’m gone,Dange’s business as usual,Don’t use the previous rules,Dange develops for decades,Will become one of the most important department of Kenju Gate,Make a great contribution to the expansion of Jiansu Gate。”