Yang Pingfan get off,The two make goodbye,Liu Yu left his address and phone number to Yang Pingfan,See you when you agree。Yang Pingfan took out black frame glasses and put them on,Dressed as a scholar,Walk into the hospital,Walked around in the hospital,On a meadow,He saw an old man walking slowly。

There are many people walking on the grass,But Yang Pingfan can recognize the identity of the old man at a glance,Not just a recognizable hairstyle,And the deep aura from the body like the sea。
The old man has a short, hard moustache,A pair of tan eyes sunken deep in the eye socket,With tousled gray hair,The clothes he wears are fat and long,Disorderly clothes,The whole person is like wrapped in a big sheet,I pulled a pair of bedroom slippers under my feet,One hand carries a tin shower,While walking,On one side it seems to be thinking。
According to the plan made by Li Suifeng,Yang Pingfan only needs to find Einstein’s ward,Then hide the tape recorder you carry with you in a corner,Quietly waiting for the arrival of Einstein’s final moment,Then take out the recorder,Even if the task is completed。
But when I saw this superstar in physics,Yang Pingfan felt,If you just do nothing,Too sorry。
Einstein is still walking slowly,There is a ridge ahead,I’m going to trip him down,An Asian supported him from the side
Einstein looked up,The sunken eye socket is shining with wisdom,“thank you,young people。”
Yang Pingfan nodded in response,If you want me to take you back to the ward,Einstein raised the shower in his hand and said:“I haven’t watered the flowers yet。”
Yang Pingfan said I’ll go with you,Einstein nodded。Yang Pingfan helped Einstein to the flowerbed on the edge of the grass,Slowly water the tulips inside。
4Month is the season when tulips bloom,The magnificent flowers bloom with the breath of passionate life,The old man beside him has come to the end of his life,Such a strong contrast,Yang Pingfan couldn’t help but sigh deeply。
After watering,The two sat down on the bench by the flowerbed,Einstein stared at Yang Pingfan:“young people,I know you won’t come to water an old man for no reason,Speak,What’s up with me。”
Yang Pingfan wanted to follow the script,Fudge, he said he was a student from China,Is a student of Qian Xuesen,But think of the scientific giant about to fall in three days,He decided to tell the truth。
“Yes,I came to see you,I came back more than sixty years later,I am a traverser。”