Leipile, who stayed in the Weixian Star Territory, later gave birth to a child with Ge Qi.,The child has lived in a rich family from the day he was born,A bit arrogant,When I was twenty,Robbed a female fairy on the street。
If this child can marry home,Ripple certainly doesn’t care about the other party’s origin and cultivation level.,But rappell’s kid actually took the man back,This action annoys Leipler,He beheaded his son in public,Then hang the head on the gate of the palace。
Lei Pile is the king of the Celestial Domain,Also the highest official,The palace where he lives is the core of the political power of the Weixian Star Territory。
Now the king hangs his son’s head outside,At the same time tell the world:“The king and the people are the same。”
Ge Qi is heartbroken to her own son,I cried several times and fainted under the head,I can’t help but cry with her,But she can do nothing。
Later generations commented that the value of the head cut by Repeller is immeasurable,At the very least, it protects the peace of the Weixian star field,That hapless kid died,In fact, it has made a huge contribution to the peace and safety of the Weixian Star Territory,It’s a pity that the deceased didn’t know。
Lepi Le is so spicy,He didn’t make any earth-shattering events,Compared to my father,Worse than ten thousand times,But rappell can kill his own son,Lei Tianzi can’t do it。
Regarding Lei Luo Xiangyu and Guangwei,Lei Tianzi is selfish,Kill the duo,It’s just a condition for Guangwei to agree to marry Lei Luo Xiangyu,Put it on Reppler,Looks like Repella won’t agree。
therefore,In terms of feelings towards family,Ripple is more calm and sensible,Lei Tianzi seems emotional,However, the contribution Lei Tianzi has made in this life,Lei Pile can’t keep up。
Besides, Lei Tianzi left the Weixian Star Territory,Dash all the way according to the direction calculated by her daughter Lei Xuan,I have left Yingyu for so many years,I don’t know what’s going on at home,Tianzi Lei was very anxious,Reduce hunting time on the way,All used to drive,After everyone lives in Xingmu Pavilion,No longer worry about supply,Because the environment of Xingmu Pavilion is good、big space,Fully self-sufficient,The abundant spirit fruit will store the excess,I can’t finish it anyway,Save it to catch the famine and then take it out as a welfare。
They passed through a dozen star fields in the middle,Never stopped,Just remember the space-time coordinates and leave,Unknowingly, another 180 years have passed,Yan Yuying、Zhou Xiaorui、Qin Shi and the three others have reached the realm of true immortality,Xiao Xiao’s three daughters are one hundred and ninety years old,And all have been promoted to the realm of true immortals,Even Diabolo Xue’er’s two sons, Lei Kong, Leizhu are over 160 years old。
Yan Yuying and the other three also gave birth to their own children。
Today’s Thunder Team is strong and strong,The current force is close to 40 billion,There are 8 billion people in the Enticing Team alone,Lei Tianzi’s cultivation speed is not the fastest,Most of the veterans of Thunder Team have caught up with the king’s cultivation speed。
There are true immortal powerhouses in Xingmu Pavilion today188people,There are a total of 30 million people,No longer a master,Only when you reach the realm of true immortal do you have a little reputation。
Yan Yuying and three other latecomers came up,Cultivation to the realm of real fairy,Those one million female fairies purchased from the Demon Star Territory are still in the realm of fascinating the strong and the immortal.,No one has cultivated to the realm of true immortals,Lei Tianzi is very sorry,The experiment was divided into two parts to complete,One is a group of three people including Yan Yuying,Select ten people from one million female fairies as a group,Now those ten people are still in the realm of immortal gods,I can’t see if the experimental effect is perfect for the time being,Anyway, Yan Yuying’s three promotion makes Lei Tianzi very satisfied,Already planning to promote the role of magic bacteria,Popularized within the Thunder Team,If a large number of true immortals can be born within 500 years,,Team Thunder will have a better future。
Suddenly one day,The sergeant in charge of the observation discovered a large number of monsters,Immediately reported to Lei Tianzi。
Sailing in the stars,Emperor Lei had seen the creatures in the demon domain more than once,It seems that the other party has a secret channel connecting the demon domain and the starry sky,Until now,Lei Tianzi only found traces of large numbers of creatures entering the demon territory in the secret realm of the Jinli Star Territory,All the creatures in the demon burial area have been killed.,Afterwards, I didn’t discover where the creatures in the demon realm entered the starry sky.。
This time I found the creatures in the demon territory,Tianzi Lei is determined to find a channel for creatures in the demon territory to come over。