Dongying agents have a clear division of labor,Part responsible for arson,Part responsible for killing,And ninjas to help out,If at other times,The guerrilla command organ is determined to be destroyed,But I didn’t want to hit Yang Pingfan, a murderous god,On the chaotic battlefield,Yang Pingfan’s facial features become more acute,The unlocked night vision and hearing capabilities allow him to easily distinguish which enemies are,Kill all one by one。

I also met a lot of people in black running around,The figure is obviously taller than the short Dongying,Yang Pingfan didn’t ask who it was,One paw。
The gunfire in the village gradually faded,The attackers were almost wiped out,Yang Pingfan smelled the faint smell of blood in the wind,The direction is going far east,The guerrillas retreat to the west,There must be a problem with the east side,So Yang Pingfan rushed out of the village,I saw a group of people staggering,Yang Pingfan quickly catches up,About to kill,But I heard a shout from the crowd,“Hero forgive。”
“You are han?”
“Yes,We are from the old brothers club,Please raise your hands high,There will be great gifts in the future。”
“For the tiger,I care about your brother or sister。”
Yang Pingfan keeps walking,Rushed into the crowd to kill,The other side also rose up to resist,Everybody’s skill is fine,It’s a pity that I still haven’t seen enough in front of Yang Pingfan,In the end, only one live mouth is left,It’s the man in the robe that I met in Robbery last time,Yang Pingfan has to ask more questions。
Dragging the half-dead robe man back to the village,Yang Pingfan saw that the surviving soldiers had assembled,All wounded,Zhang Shengyang actually survived the attack,Just pale,Bloodstained,It seems to have suffered a lot。
“Zhang Sling,Are you OK,Let’s get out first,By the way, Dusling?”
The soldiers were depressed by the fire,Make way,I saw Du Shaofu lying on a door panel,One leg is missing,A fatal wound in my heart,Already sacrificed。
The soldiers saw the robe man in Yang Pingfan’s hand,A sharp eye recognizes that he assassinated Du Shaofu,I’m going to come up and slash him,Stopped by Zhang Shengyang,He guessed that Yang Pingfan must have his own plan to stay alive,“Comrades,Let’s withdraw first,Not to stay here long。”
A group of people leave the village,Meet the fighters who withdrew earlier,Liu Yuan and they are here,The wound on his abdomen is just a skin trauma,It doesn’t matter。Zhang Shengyang let everyone go west first,I took a few people to interrogate the robe man overnight。
“White boss,You are also the leader of the old brothers in the north,I didn’t expect to become a traitor。”
Under the fire,Zhang Shengyang recognizes the identity of the man in the robe,Sarcasm。
“Humph,Han family is exhausted,Dongying has a lot of people,Just like the Manchu people back then,Is going to sit in the world,I’m just following the destiny。”