Zhang Xiaoming was taken aback,“but,There isXThe company’s largest overseas test base,We ran into it like this,What is the difference with the self-investing net?”

Li Lan has firm eyes,“intuition,My sixth sense tells me,Right there,This is where we can go。”
Mo Ruofu,Li Suifeng nodded,“I agree with Xiaolan,The most dangerous place is the safest place,Say again,Pingfan and Xiaolan once favored Idavia,I can always find a few incense lovers there。”
“I’m afraid I want to take the incense we rewarded。”
Zhang Xiaoming muttered,But still agree with Li Lan’s suggestion。
Capital of Itavia,This is a legendary city,Once it was just a gap between rich and poor,The dividing line is obvious,Outdated facilities,A city full of violence,sinceXAfter the company came,Use it as a test template,Everything changed。
In just a few years,From a super large garbage dump,Transform into a city of technology across the ages,Known as the star of Africa,becomeXThe fulcrum of the company in another hemisphere。
now,Three travellers appeared on the edge of the city,Looking at the city with a complicated look。
Idavia,No longer the Idavia in their memory。
The former garden city is gone,Replaced by a towering reinforced concrete forest,Exudes a spooky silhouette,The gloomy sky buckles overhead like an iron curtain,There is a breath of chemical medicine in the air,Made the three travelers feel timid,Once patrolling the periphery of the city,Dare not approach。
The three are Li Lan who came all the way south from Gaul,Zhang Xiaoming and Li Suifeng combine。
From the city of Seine in Europe to the capital of Itavia in central Africa,The straight-line distance exceeds two thousand kilometers,Through several countries,These countries are inherently unstable,After the outbreak of the Great Crisis, it was plunged into endless civil strife,No one has the ability to maintain order,No one wants to stand up and preside over the overall situation,The local government exists in name only,The three went through ups and downs,Various stories and sufferings experienced in the southbound journey,Comparable to Tang Seng Xitian。
Gangster,warlord,robber,thief,con man,Kidnapper,Evildoers everywhere,Due to genetic drug abuse,A variety of half-human and half-beast transformed people,Some of them are willing to be thugs of certain forces,Some gather the same kind,Rampant,Set level,Anyone who passes through their territory,If you don’t die, you have to peel off the skin。
The three used all kinds of magical powers,Do everything,There is also an enhanced version of the body as the hole card,After nine deaths, he rushed to Idavia alive