of course,Nothing big happened in our family。

and so,We rarely quarrel。
Today is different,We are all hostile to each other,Language attacks are inevitable!
“Zuo Zhi,Who are you dirty!”Zhou Rui stood up,Trembling with anger。
“you,I’m talking about you,Zhou Rui!”I roared like crazy,“Dare you say you the night before,Did you eat at which barbecue restaurant?”
Zhou Rui was startled,She might not have expected,I would actually ask this question。
I saw her not talking,My heart is more certain of my guess。
“You take me now,No matter which barbecue restaurant in this city,As long as the beer skewers are all free。”I hold out a finger,Gesture in the air,“As long as there is one,I knelt down on the spot to kowtow to you!”
Maybe it was my weakness,Maybe she has never seen me so angry,Zhou Rui’s tone finally softened。
“Zuo Zhi,It’s not what you think。”Zhou Rui murmured。
“You fucking cheated on me,Dare to question me。”My big hand waved in the air,“Do you treat me like a idiot??”
Suddenly,The air in the room freezes。
I was panting,I feel my whole head is dumbfounded。
“Zuo Zhi,Really not what you think。”Zhou Rui said,“I admit,I lied to you。”
I got off the bed,Only then discovered,I’m naked。
But I have ignored so much,“it is good,You honestly explain。”
I said,Grab the cigarette on the table,Ordered one for myself。
Chapter Sixteen trap
“I have dinner with Uncle Wu,Of course,Not just the two of us。”Zhou Rui quickly explained,“There are also several calligraphers from the Municipal Calligraphy Association,You always wonder what’s the matter with Uncle Wu,That’s why I deliberately concealed you。”